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Pick up your own copy of SUNNY DAYS FOR SAM for a sweet and refreshing change of pace. This book has characters that will touch your heart and a love story that is delightful. The eventual courtship of Sam and Sunny is filled with tender moments, wonderful laughter and wistful sighs. It’s a definite pleaser4& 1/2 Stars-- Long and Short Reviews

Although you knew there had to be a happy-ever-after since this is a romance, getting there was tricky, interesting and lots of fun to read. Watching the way each person had to come to grips with their own problems and learn to solve them was really fun.
For someone who is looking for a sweet, romantic story that will leave you with a happy heart, I would recommend this one highly
4 Flowers-- It's Raining Books

"THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME is going to captivate readers with its warm family style romance. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME is definitely the book for you."
4 Nymphs---- Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

"...THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME was great fun to read." ----

"...readers will appreciate the overall sweetness of two people falling in love." "I recommend THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME as an easy read to pass the time." ----
Mel Mason at Romance Reviews Today

"You'll be laughing out loud one minute and then your heart goes out the very next. If you only have time to read one book this summer, THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME is a must read!"
5 Blue Ribbons ----Chrissy at Romance Junkies

"I really enjoyed this one. Both Walt and Georgie have been burnt by love and are understandably reluctant to try again. The contest for a date with Clay adds an entertaining complication to the budding romance. The setting of a small seaside town and the entertaining cast of characters make this story a perfect one to while away a couple of hours 

4 Coffee Cups Maura-- Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

"A cute, funny tale from beginning to end..."
Patti Fischer-- Romance Reviews Today

 It’s the mature way Walt responds to Georgie’s shenanigans that make this romance a standout. Shirk’s novel is as breezy and charming as Georgie’s seaside surroundings, and her sweet love affair with Walt will linger in the reader’s mind long after the tale is told.
--Courtney Jones, Booklist

"First time author Jennifer Shirk writes a hilarious tale about outspoken Georgie who just wants a normal dating life and now has two men playing interference in it. Georgie finds herself torn between wishing for something special with Walt, but the fear of getting hurt again standing in her way. I thoroughly enjoyed Georgie On His Mind, I was entertained throughout and am excited to see what Jennifer Shirk writes next.
~Cataromance Single-Titles

CataNetwork Single Titles Reviewers' Choice Award winner 2010

GEORGIE ON HIS MIND is a take on a classic schoolgirl crush. I thought the story was delightful and entertaining. Loved the underlying storyline with Brad and Kendall, could their story be next. Readers that like their romance light, will definitely appreciate this title.
The Romance Readers Connection -Monica Solomon