Monday, January 29, 2007

Flawed Characters?

MENTAL STATUS: "Hyper-good mood". I'm still riding on the natural "fun" high of this weekend. We met up with friends and their twin girls on Saturday, had fun at a church luncheon Sunday afternoon, and had a relaxing Sunday night. I'm ready to write!

You know, it's so nice the hubby takes an interest in my writing. He really does. He was even kind enough to suggest some future "characters" to me while we were playing Barbies with out little girlie the other day.

For instance, he suggested:

As my Hero:

Water Chap ( I assume he's called water chap because he's got a watering can on his head)

And for his Heroine:

My daughter calls her Zoe. My hubby thinks she's got a bit of a Bernadette Peters from the movie The Longest Yard (with Burt Reynolds) hair thing going on. (He doesn't think that's attractive by the way) I think she needs to tone down the eye make-up too.

I told my husband I'd think about these suggestions. I'm all for flawed characters and all, but... well, you know.

Have a great Monday!


Elle Fredrix said...

Glad you had a great weekend!

Hey, since Titles have no copyright, you could call your book the Odd Couple! You could have loads of fun with it.

Um, is the watering can a permanent attachment? What's with that??

Jennifer Shirk said...

The watering can is growing on me.

It's something different about him. It could be his "hook". LOL!

Chelle Sandell said...

Zoe could definetly use some conditioner! But I think she's going for the retro look? Maybe? LOL...we built a racetrack with the Cars movie crew and destroyed it with the gang from Star Wars!

Chicki said...

Yeah, Zoe definitely has that warden's secretary thing going on! I don't know about him. Maybe your plot could be how she rescued him and got his head out of the watering can. :)

Elle Fredrix said...

Fashion and follically challenged Chap and Zoe find love together against all odds. But can it last? Chap’s watering can means driving with the top down or—gasp—taking the bus, leaving fastidious Zoe in fear for her stylin’ do.

Stayed tuned as author Jennifer Shirk leads us on their perilous journey toward happily ever after.

Glynis said...

Oh Lol, and if I hadn't challenged you, I might have missed this gem of a post!