Monday, January 22, 2007

Have We Met Before?

IN THE NEWS: According to the Associated Press, a Wisconsin man in town for a dart tournament apparently was goofing around Saturday morning at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency when he crashed through a window and fell 16 stories. His most serious injury was a broken leg. (Amazing)

I have to go to the dentist in the morning. He’s an hour away (long story), so I know I'll be rushing a bit so I'm posting this early.

I wanted to tell this funny story:

I’m at the gym on Saturday morning (yes, patting myself on the back for that one). It’s not crowded. After all, it’s a very cold morning. Did I mention it was a SATURDAY morning?

Anyway, I pick my favorite treadmill. The one on the far end, right under the TV. (Totally private so no one has to know I didn’t brush my teeth yet) Now, as I step on my treadmill I notice a woman on her treadmill on the far end. No biggie.

That is, until I feel her watching me… You know that weird, awkward feeling of someone’s eyes on your EVERY SINGLE move. Now I can't even exercise because I'm so preoccupied and uncomfortable with this woman staring at me.

When I was sure she’d looked away, I glanced up. Didn’t recognize her. So now I’m thinking, Hmm, Do I have toilet paper on my sneaker? Spinach in my teeth? Is she really staring at me or is it my imagination?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Apparently she said she was watching me enter the gym and thought I had really pretty hair and had to say something. (Those new highlights I got before Christmas) Oh. Whew. Was that all? She had me freaked out there for a second.

But then she continues talking…

In the span of about six seconds, I found out where she’s from, where she works and the problems she’s having breastfeeding. (True story) Keep in mind, we’re about 5 or 6 treadmills apart, so she’s talking rather LOUD. Very nice woman. I could have done without everyone else in the gym then staring at me too, but again, she was a nice woman.

Now I’m very much a private quiet person—with people I don’t know. So it would take something more extraordinary than “highlights” to get me to openly stare down a person—or yell about my breasts in public. (I’m still chuckling thinking about what my facial expression must have looked like) But, hey, maybe that’s me.

Just had to share that. As my hubby often says: Sharing is caring.

Have a great Monday!


Elle Fredrix said...

LOL. There's a lot to be said for taking your iPod to the gym and blocking out the rest of the world.

Chicki said...

Working out at a gym is like trying to read on the train. People insist on talking to you even when you try your best to look like you're concentrating on something else. I hate both! After riding public transportation for years back in the day, I promised myself when I got a car I'd never sit my butt on a bus or train again, and I haven't! The last gym I belonged to was a Bally's that felt like a local singles bar to me. Everybody tried to be too cute. From then on, it's been Tae-Bo DVDs and whatever else I can do in the privacy of my own home!