Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is there such a thing as a magic treatment for weight loss?

IN THE NEWS: According to Fox News, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a Pfizer Inc. drug to treat obesity in dogs by reducing appetite and the absorption of fat. The drug is not for human use and will carry such a warning to discourage people from using it.
(Yeah. So don't get any ideas!)

Well, I really don’t know how this happened. It was the last thing I expected. Anyone expected, really. But I think… I might have… maybe… gained a little weight.

{{{ Sigh. }}}

Okay. There’s no “thinking” about it. I know I gained weight.

It was those Christmas cookies, I tell ya! It’s all their fault! Taunting me in their crispy, sugary, buttery ways. You know, I actually ripped a hole in the knee of my “thin” jeans the other day. It probably couldn’t take the stretching in the thigh area for one more agonizing minute.

What’s a woman to do? No, no. I mean, besides scream. And I already tried that. It didn’t help. Athough I did lose 6 ounces. But I think it was mostly tonsil weight.

So… I will tell you what I'm going to do. My plan is to add the gym back into my regular morning routine. The Christmas cookies are gone—or what’s left is too stale for me to eat—so I don’t have to worry about that temptation, and as I perused The Knight agency blog, I noticed this:

Could this be the answer to my dreams? Ba-dump-dump.

**Oh, come on. You knew that joke was coming.**

Have a fat-free day!


Elle Fredrix said...

Ever noticed how these diets include exercise and changing your eating habits?

Hmmm, what will help me lose weight? Sleeping more, or the diet and exercise?

But maybe... gotta go! Heading back to bed! :)

Chicki said...

This is what our entire church is doing for the month of January, but I intend to keep on until I get rid of the 50 pounds I need to shed. Honestly, it's not as bad as it looks. Of course, we're praying two or three times daily, so that makes it easier. Our pastor just wants to get the congregation into healthier eating, and this just eliminates all of the stuff that's bad for you to begin with:

2007 Fasting Instructions

January 1st – 31st, 2007

1. Drink only water.
- You may mix health food supplement (protein mix/greenfood)
- No juices, carbonated drinks or dairy

2. You can eat all meat except pork, and shellfish.

3. No white foods at all.

4. No fast food.

- Bit even salads from a fast food establishment

5. No fried foods.

6. No white sugar.

- No desserts

7. No breads of any kind.
- No Ezekiel bread
- No Wheat bread

8. No eating after 6:30 PM.

9. Only two (2) hours of television per day.

NOTE: If you can make smoothies without juices and no white sugar, help yourself.

M. C. Pearson said...

Hi Jennifer! Send me an email so I can email you the 'Welcome to FIRST' email: 4pearsonz at gmail dot com