Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"BEAR" with my sense of humor

MENTAL STATUS: "Wired". I have a lot of energy but I can't write for some reason. I was doing so great writing-wise last week. What happened? Right now, I feel like I have my hands in so many things and nothing is getting done.

I just learned my hubby got an e-mail from his friend. Seems as though as soon as we left the Borgata Saturday night, Vice Neil (Motley Crue lead singer) jumped up on stage at the Gypsy Bar and sang 4 songs with the house band. The place was going crazy. In addition, about 6 of the Flyers, including Peter Forsberg stopped by after their win.


Anyhew, yesterday, my hubby came home for lunch and to spend time with the family. We had the news on in the background. Nothing exciting was happening.

That is...until I left the room.

Again. Figures.

I heard my hubby laughing so hard he was howling. So I rushed back into the room. "What? What did I miss?" I asked. My hubby then proceeds to describe what he saw on the news about this bear up in a tree and how these people were trying to get it down.

Well, I started laughing too, because of the way he was describing it. It sounded like it was right out of a cartoon show. So I said, "Oh, boy. I'm sorry I missed that." He then suggested I try to find it on YouTube.

I did.

Now, when I watched this I laughed, although in the back of my mind I kept thinking that bear had to have cracked his skull, but the news said the bear was all right. So don't call PETA on me. The bear is fine.

I must have a warped sense of humor because I laughed at this video all day whenever I thought about it. Which was often. No wonder I didn't get any work done.

Check it out. Bear on trampoline.

(Side note)
Dear Einsteins in Montana:
Thanks to you, there was a bright spot in my day and material for my blog.
Hugs and kisses,


Elle Fredrix said...

Oh, ow! That poor thing.

So, I want to know if you would have haved had to be held back from jumping on the stage with Vice and the Flyers (who I assume are some kind of sports team ;o) ).

Jennifer Shirk said...


The Flyers are a Hockey team. You live in Canada and I have to tell you this?? :)

Uh, no. If I had jumped up on stage it would have looked like a bad American Idol audition. LOL

Chicki said...

Every crazy thing that happens shows up on YouTube. Loved that one!

Chelle Sandell said...

That's too funny!!! I saw it on the news but didn't see the trampoline part. We had to deal with coyotes, skunks and big spiders in the country..thankfully no bears.

Erin said...

Oh, that poor bear.
I'm glad to know he's alright. The poor animal landed on his head. That must have gave him a major headache.

Priya said...

awwww...i just wanted to rush in and cuddle next to the bear, to make sure he is okay.
that fall from the trampoline must have hurt! ouch!