Friday, February 2, 2007

Crazy for You??

IN THE NEWS: According to Fox News, "Pillow-fights are no longer reserved for pajama parties and pre-teen girls. Now, adult women are getting involved, and it's getting serious." There's actually a pillow-fight league for this new sport, and it's taking Toronto by storm. If you don't believe me, click here.
(Hey, I think this would finally be a sport I could be good at.)

I had some major work done on my "problem" tooth yesterday (#30 for all you dental buffs) Anyway, as I was on my way to the endodontist, I got stuck behind a car doing 40 m/h in a 50m/h zone. **sigh**

Now, I'm a go-with-the-flow type of person and would normally just end up doing 40 too. But I was late.

Really late. Okay, not that late, but late enough.

I cannot stand being late for ANYTHING. It's a pet peeve. I start to get that claustrophobic tight in the chest area shortness of breath, my pulse spikes up way above it's normal 52 beats per minute (I know that's low, by the way) and all I can think about is getting away from that car standing in my way of perfect un-late attendance.

What can I say? I've got issues. But I can't help it. It drives me crazy.

But this sudden revelation of what drives me crazy prompted me to think back on some of the conversations I've had with my hubby on things I do that drive him crazy.

What? You mean I'm not as perfect as I thought I was? Hmm.

Here's a few examples of what drives him crazy:

1) I "clean his bathroom too much". **(This was before my daughter and we "spread out" in our house ) But my question is: How can you clean a bathroom TOO much, anyway?

2) I "hog the computer". **Oh. Well, this is true. But hardly enough of a reason to drive someone crazy, right? Uh, right? RIGHT??

3) I constantly leave the microwave in "please stir" position and when my hubby checks the microwave, he can never see what time it is. **I admit that is my laziness at its peak. You see it's much more efficient to punch the "beverage" button once or twice to heat something up than to spend time thinking how long something is going to take to heat and then pushing in those numbers, which will require more than two punches on the keypad anyway. So you see? Efficient.

Yeah, he didn't buy it either.

What drives you crazy?


Chicki said...

Oh, I could write a novella on this one! My entire family thinks I'm really anal because I like the house neat. I'm not a cleaning freak or anything, but these are my top three:

1) Leaving dirty dishes anywhere other than the kitchen sink. (There's nothing worse than finding a three-day-old dish of spaghetti in the family room)
2) Not covering your food in the microwave so when the next person opens it, it looks like something exploded inside.
3) Laying down in bed with dirty clothes on.

Michelle said...

1. You cannot clean a bathroom TOO much. It is not possible. Especially when there are men allowed in there. :-)

2. I hog the computer too, but it's mine and he doesn't know how to use it so it's ok. However, he thinks I spend too much time on it. Hmm.

OK, what drives me crazy:

1. Is the same as Chiki above for #1. Dishes go to the sink - how hard is that? Just the same as dirty clothes. Put them in the hamper. Cripes.

2. My dh trying to talk to me when I'm obvisouly writing. This is supposed to be me time and my fingers are making a noise over the keys therefore no talking!

3. My kids being hungry every five seconds. Like they aren't fed. "I'm hungry, I'm hungry" then they don't eat the food their given. Argh. That's why the rules is you eat it now or later but that's what you're eating. Sheesh.

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog!

Elle Fredrix said...

Okay, I'm definately anal. MY big thing is not putting things back where they belong, or where you got them from.

Everybody in family and all my freinds know about this but they insist on deliberately trying to get me going.

They know the carton of half and half has it's place on the door of the fridge but they'll put it back on the shelf. They know where the salt and pepper shakers goes, but they'll put them on the counter...

Makes me crazy!

Chelle Sandell said...

Anals UNITE!

Bathroom...ditto. hubby's peeve toward me. Takes time away from im.

My pet peeve...laundry in floor after I have gone through trouble of washing it. And salt & pepper shakers greasy cause someone couldn't wipe hands before using.

But I also live in a house with 3 guys...can you say YUCK if you sit on wet seat!!!!!