Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!

IN THE NEWS: According to the Assoc. Press and Fox News, "Three people in San Pueblo, Colo. were arrested on charges of swapping a 5-month-old boy for a down payment on a used Dodge Intrepid and cash, police said Tuesday."
(Um, what are people thinking with these days?)

Well, I'm back from my vacation!!

Thank you to everyone who wished us well in my comment section and my e-mail. We had a fantastic time at Walt Disney World!

But in a way, I'm glad this trip is over. It's true. My hubby is usually the detail-oriented (anal) person and outlines ALL our trips, but this time due to lack of time, he left it in my capable (?) hands. Just so you know, this is a big deal. He's the type of person to do a lot of research for our vacations.

For example: If we're driving somewhere, he'll research cool local restaurants or hangouts to go and eat at instead of your typical cattle call rest stop. So you see I had a lot of "pressure" not to screw this one up.

I didn't. (Thank you, God)

But I crammed like it was the final of all final exams for this trip. In fact, I did a tremendous job thanks to my sister in law's Disney book she lent me, maps, online sites I found and word of mouth. **Go me. Go me. Go me.**

But enough about me. So let's see. What to tell first... what to tell...

Oh. The let's start with the flight. Uneventful, but I still hated it. I hate to fly. There. I said it. I HATE TO FLY!!! I find it a necessary evil. Like going to the dentist. I want to chew, so I visit my dentist. I want to go on vacation, I fly.

My husband finds it amazing that in all the times I've flown--which is frequently--I always act as though it's my very first time. What can I say? I can't help it. I'm a bit of a mess the first and last fifteen minutes of every flight. All I could do was shove pizza flavored Combos in my mouth like it was my last meal. (At the time I thought it was my last meal) I hear every little noise, I'm aware of every change in speed, I even freak out when I hear the wheels going in and out. (They definitely need a silencer for those) But I survived. My hubby survived. Somehow.

Now the weather. It was unseasonably warm for this time of year--which was a nice bonus. Usually it was in the high sixties in the morning and low eighties in the afternoon. They were predicting rain/hail/tornado backlash type of stuff, but we never got it. Just very nice weather. YAY!

I still have so much to say, so I think I'll do a park a day blog type of thing and all we did there. So I'll do a quick close with the good and bad points of this Disney trip:

GOOD stuff:
* Little or no wait times for the rides/shows we wanted to do.
*we got to see EVERYTHING we wanted to see
*the shows were AWESOME and just pure Disney (will go into detail later)
*my daughter did not freak out on ANY ride. Thank goodness. **She cried on one ride but only because the roller coaster only went around once and she thought it would go around twice. (It was a bit short) But thanks to a spot on Disney attendant who took pity on the princess, he let us "cut in" and go on it again. Nice job turning on the waterworks, sweetie. (hehehehe)
*the food was great AND healthy.
*it was surprisingly a relaxing vacation (Um, thanks to all my hard work and research. Did I mention that?)
*everyone in Disney (workers and vacationers) were super nice and friendly. I can honestly say we only encountered two or three Dopeys in a massive sea of Snow Whites.

Now the BAD stuff:
* I have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to do. No exaggeration.
* I have no food in the house. (I just checked. We have some expired orange juice, white bread and a container of mashed potatoes--but plenty of Diet Pepsi)
* I need to pick up mail. I hate doing that. It's always so heavy.
* Our garbage disposal broke the day before we left. Need to take of that.
*Need to go thru almost 200 e-mails. **shudder**

I need to get on those things NOW.

So what have you been doing while I was gone?


Chelle Sandell said...

Oh honey. I'm tired just reading your post! My weekend was tame compared to yours. My teen thought I was a taxi and bank all weekend but thats nothing new. I got 2 more chapters edited and put into the vault so I won't touch them. But yes...we missed you. Glad you had a great time. Yay you!!!

Erin said...

Yeah, we did miss you.
My husband like you. He always telling me he likes to fly except for the taking off and landings. He's a nut!
Me, I love it.
But then again, he's afraid of heights. (We were married ten years or so before I realized this.)
Glad you had a nice time, Jennifer.

Elle Fredrix said...

It's good to have you back! So glad you had a great time.

Reality crashes back down on you rather quickly when you get home from a trip, doesn't it?

Priya said...

glad u had a great time. :)