Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Life Begins Today!

IN THE NEWS: This is taken from World Magazine's February 10th issue: "Looking for a date in Washington State? Don't look at the dentist's office. That's because Washington state law forbids health-care providers, including doctors, dental hygienists, opticians, and nurses, from engaging in a romantic relationship with patients (even a former patient up to two years)--EVEN if it's true love."
(WOW. This is external conflict at it's best.)

As I stated above in my title: Life does begin today. Well, life began when I was born. Uh, no that's not true. Technically, life began as soon as sperm A met egg B, but that's for another discussion.

So why does life begin for me? Because my hubby ordered and we just received.....

That's right.

Look out. I'm toning up. I plan to look so GOOD this summer--maybe even by May. I'm so excited!

Here's the video on it: Cableflex. We watched it a week ago on some infomercial, and my hubby and I were sold. What's nice is it doesn't take up a lot of space too. I love going to the gym for aerobic classes and to use their exercise machines, but I CANNOT STAND working out with weights in front of everybody. Call me crazy. I don't mind my butt giggling on the Precor machine for all the world to see and cringe, but for some odd reason I can't pick up a lousy 5lb weight in public.

Hopefully this will be the answer to the prayers of my flabby arms.

Do you work out with weights?


Erin said...

I have some free weights somewhere. I don't use them. I do have a step counter, and I try to walk every day. I did 6500 steps this afternoon.

Chelle Sandell said...

I roped myself into a promise to my hubby. When he comes home in May...I told him I'd be 40 lbs lighter. So today I bought a Tae-Bo cardio DVD and a yoga/pilates kit. The next check we get I will buy one of those all-in-one workout centers cause it will fit perfectly in the living the tv. That may hopefully motivate me into exercising if I allow myself some daytime tv time!!

I lost 54 lbs after having my first baby by doing Tae-Bo tapes 4 times a week and cut out all pop. I've been a good girl and didn't buy pop at store and got two cases of bottled water. Maybe we can motivate each other!