Monday, March 19, 2007

Dull as Dishwater

MENTAL STATUS: "Nervous". Was in a lot of pain on Friday, so I called the dentist and scheduled an appointment today. You would think these toothaches would be good for my diet. Nope. Even with pain on both sides of my mouth, I still manged to stuff Cheetos in my mouth and eat them with my two front teeth.
I wonder if he's going to pull the tooth early...

Besides the whole toothache thing I had going, I had a really nice weekend. I went to a baby shower (always uplifting), watched a movie with the hubby and read a book.

Well, I should really say I tried to read a book. Yes, I really tried. I gave up on it a little more than 3/4 of the way through. Is that wrong? Well, considering there was hardly any conflict in it, I say it was oh-so-right. This book was DULL. Painfully dull. Dull as dishwater dull.


I felt like I was reading a Brady Bunch romance--which is ironic since the movie the hubby and I watched was The Brady Bunch Movie. Weird. But the problem was this book wasn't the least bit funny--or even romantic for that matter.

Here's the recap of the romance:
Boy and girl have cute meet. Boy asks girl on date. Girl easily says yes. Boy says let's go out again since we both like each other. Girl says sorry too busy with work. Boy disappointed, so manages to invade her work place. Girl and boy happy. They date the whole time she's working.

Ok, at this point I started to sweat because there was only about 25 or 30 pages left and I didn't see a big finale coming up on the horizon.

Where was the conflict??????? So rather than ruin my weekend further, I gave up on it. I'm very happy to report, I haven't read a book this boring in a LONG time.

I need a good read to cleanse the palate now. Something funny or uplifting would be nice, but I'd settle for something that was written with a point.

Any suggestions?


Elle Fredrix said...

Have you read any Jennifer Crusie? IMO, the funniest so far are Bet Me, Welcome to Temptation and Faking It.

I wanna be Jenny one day!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Well, I just read Bet Me not long ago. Shhh, but I didn't like it. The end was funny, though. I just read Anyone But You and really enjoyed that--and Fred (the dog).

Jennifer Shirk said...

Well, I just read Bet Me not long ago. Shhh, but I didn't like it. The end was funny, though. I just read Anyone But You and really enjoyed that--and Fred (the dog).

Bethany said...

I highly suggest Lynn Kurland. Anything at all by her, you really can't make a bad choice :) If you like paranormal, anyway. She has a few straight historicals, but most of them involve time travel and/or ghosts.

Of course Julie Garwood is *always* a good choice.

Another one I love is Catherine Coulter, when she was writing historical romance. Her romances have a little bit of a darker side to them, though. Usually there is lots of intrigue and light rape (ie husband bedding new wife who is unwilling, but ends up liking it after all.) My favorite by her was Rebel Bride. Very funny, TONS of conflict :)

Happy reading!

Sela Carsen said...

I'm not so good with contemp, although I plan to read Gemma Halliday's SPYING IN HIGH HEELS this week. And I loved Anyone But You, too.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

One of my favorites is called, "Can You Keep a Secret?" by Sophie Kinsella. That book had me laughing SOOOOOO hard...

Chicki said...

Do I have the book for you! "Risk" by Ann Christopher was a FANTASTIC, fast moving, emotional, very sexy read. Angela also read it and LOVED it too. That's a double recommendation.

Chelle Sandell said...

I've gotten hooked on Linda Lael Miller lately and a series about cowboys. But Catherine Coulter is good too.

Hope your teeth settle down and give you a break. Cheetos are good thing to cheat with! LOL

lainey bancroft said...

Hmm. Am I a really evil person that I giggled trying to picture you nibbling Cheetos with your two front teeth?

(((HUGS))) for the mouth pain. HATE the dentist.

I'll second the vote for Faking it and Spying, but haven't got anything else to offer. I've had a run of iffy reads lately. Think I'm getting too picky :0

Crystal Jordan said...

I'd have to recommend anything by Suzanne Brockmann. Funny, suspenseful, and awesome conflict.

Priya said...

Anything by Marian Keyes is funny. I tend to leave books half read too, if they lose my interest.