Friday, March 30, 2007

Eeek! Turn out the light!!

IN THE NEWS: According to FOX News, "According to a report in the U.K. Daily Mail, one out of three women just say "no" to their birthday suit if their partner is in the room. One third of females think they are too fat to be naked around a husband or boyfriend.
According to the survey of 3,500 women for bathroom equipment company SHUC,, the bathroom is one of the most contentious spaces for exposure. One quarter of women reported they do not even go into the bathroom if their partner is already in it.
The bedroom suffers as well, with one in 10 women making sure the lights are out before disrobing in front of their other half.
The self-conscious behavior is not limited to the home either. Seventy-nine percent of women admitted to reservations about showering or changing in front of other women in a locker room."

Actually, I thought this article was so interesting, I had to expand on it.

WHY? Why do women have such body issues?

I've known about these differences long before this article though. My hubby comes home from the gym frequently with "stories" of his locker room experiences--which of course are always entertaining. Like how men (BIG, red haired, Paul Bunyan type men) will shave in the locker room...totally naked. Just free and easy, not a care in the world. Do men HAVE to do this? Why not shave in your boxers? I assured my hubby I would NEVER see a woman in front of the sink, washing her face in her underwear, let alone completely naked.

I find this fascinating. My hubby has told me the men that he "sees" at the gym do not have bodies that are worth flaunting either. So I asked my husband, "Why? Why do men have to do that?" He just shrugged and said, "Because men are messed up."

Yeah, well, I already knew that.

Or maybe it's just that women tend to be more judgemental and critical and men aren't hung up on attaining a perfect body image. I don't know.

But this kind of psychological difference doesn't just extend to public. Are we secretly worried our husband's will run out screaming and file for divorce if we change clothes with the lights on and they suddenly realize we DON'T look like Pamela Lee? It makes me laugh.

What do you think? For better or for flab, or are you self-conscious of your body?


Chicki said...

Quote: He just shrugged and said, "Because men are messed up."

Amen to that one!

Yes, I admit I'm one of those hide in the dark women because I'm overweight and I know men (all men) are sight-oriented whether they admit it or not. They are moved by what they see, whereas women are moved more by what we hear. I don't know if I'll ever get rid of the weight. So until then, it's lights out!

Chelle Sandell said...

I'm a glow in the dark woman too! My hubby gets mad and says he can see me with my clothes on and love me why does it matter with them off...DUH!

Baggy t-shirts hide the rolls. Uh.

Erin said...

I could care less.
Even the bathroom is okay with me. I've always walked around naked in front of my husband. I'm not ashamed of the way I look, and I'm overweight too.
Now, when I was younger, it was a different story.

Priya said...

hmmm... thought provoking topic. but i have realised that most women (myself included) are always insecure about something or the other about their bodies thanks to the media invasion of how women should look. and i am ashamed to admit that i succumb too.