Monday, April 9, 2007

Just Like Mom Used to Make

IN THE NEWS: According to FOX News, "Betty and Bob Matas have retired and are moving to Arizona, but like many New Yorkers they don't drive, and they don't want their cats to travel all that way in an airliner cargo hold.
Their solution: "Hey, cabbie."
They met taxi driver Douglas Guldeniz when they hailed his cab after a shopping trip several weeks ago.
They got to talking about their upcoming move, and "we said 'Do you want to come?'" said Bob Matas, 72, a former audio and video engineer for advertising agencies. "And he said 'Sure.'"
It was initially a gag, Matas said, but as they talked over the ensuing weeks it became reality.
They plan to leave Tuesday on the 2,400-mile trip to Sedona, Ariz., with Guldeniz driving his yellow SUV cab 10 hours a day for a flat fee of $3,000, plus gas, meals and lodging."

Our family got together for Easter dinner yesterday, and in the words of my southern friend, "We had ourselves a big time." It was one of the best holiday meals I had in a LONG time. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

My sister-in-law and I didn't cook it.

Okay, that's not entirely true. My sister-in-law made a ham (tad dry--ooops. Sorry!) and mashed potatoes (very good), but my mom cooked a small turkey breast with stuffing and made the sweet potatoes. Now that was delicious. (Oh and don't ask me why we had two kinds of meats. I was left out of that decision) My job was to make the bunny cake. Also very good. But desserts I can do no problem.

I always enjoyed my mom's meals--especially the holiday meals--growing up, but I took them for granted. I realized this yesterday as I inhaled everything on my plate and then went back for seconds. That's something I haven't done in years. When I got married, I started taking over the tradition of cooking holiday meals and unfortunately I haven't enjoyed a holiday meal since. I can cook, too! Honest! But for some reason, my cooking just can't compare to Mom's.

**sigh** She gets the prize. All those many years of subscribing to Gourmet magazine and Bon Appetit have been in vain. Sometimes there's nothing like old-fashioned simple recipes?

Does food taste better when your mom cooks, too?


Chicki said...

My mom did all right, but she wasn't really "into" cooking. I guess that's where I got my lack of interest in the task! :) The only time I really enjoy cooking is on holidays.

We usually ask everyone to bring their specialties. For instance my sister makes the best macaroni and cheese and lasagna. My niece's specialty is any chocolate dessert. My son-in-law is a chef, so everything he makes is great. I can cook a perfect turkey and dressing and sweet potato souffle. When we do it this way we don't end up with something nasty that nobody wants to eat!

Glad you had a good holiday.

Chelle Sandell said...

The last couple of years hubby and I have cooked. But this year my mom and aunt made the meal. Instead of mashed potatoes they wanted my potato salad. FIL came and 3/4 of his plate was potato salad. This time though Mom made the potatoes and all I had to do was put in flavor. It was a nice break. (Our ham was dry too!? so I ate the fried chicken)

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

food always tastes better when ANYONE else cooks it! and if they do ceanup, so much the better.