Thursday, April 12, 2007

That's Subjective Biz

MENTAL STATUS: "Uncomfortable". My dentist made me a temporary piece in my mouth for the tooth I had pulled. It's a cross between dentures and a retainer. Lovely. It makes my mouth sore and gives me headaches. The good news? I only have to wear it for 3 to 5 months, and I suppose things could be a lot worse.

After reading Kristin Nelson's blog last night, I had renewed hope in my writing. She went on to post two "no" responses from different editors on a book (she obviously loved) that she'd submitted for a client.

As depressing/frustrating/maddening something like that must be for that writer, it gave me (a newbie, non-agented writer) a lot of hope. This business IS very subjective. Sometimes I forget that just because you have an agent that loves your work, it doesn't mean an editor will love your work. Or even readers will love your work.

Although I heard stories like that before, it's nice to have that reality check again. It actually gives me the confidence to start submitting again. I've been holding off, tinkering, but maybe I should just try to see what happens. After all, it is all about finding the right fit.

Do you like to hear stories like that or does it frustrate you?


Margo Lukas said...

Just popped over and read Kristin's post. Interesting.

I like to hear stories like that because it makes it easier to keep going after the rejections :)

The many, many rejections...

Elle Fredrix said...

Thanks for the link. I keep reminding myself how subjective this business is, and it's nice to hear someone else say it too.