Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Startin' Off the Summer

IN THE NEWS: According to Happy News, now when you die, you don't have to settle for a regular old hearse. They've now come out with a Harley-Davidson-drawn hearse! A Long Island funeral home chain invested $100,000 in a three-wheeled Harley and carriage-style hearse for bikers who want to go out with a little style. One of the owners of the funeral homes said, ''It's not morbid, it's cool. It's a way for people to always remember your funeral.''
(There you go)

The weather was wonderful yesterday so we spent a good chunk of it at the beach. I built (and my daughter decorated) a giant sandcastle, which I'm happy to report sustained the ocean waves for most of the day. Funny, but my hubby is usually the sandcastle builder in the family, and now I know why: It's therapeutic!

My mind was so clear and relaxed, I hardly noticed all those women who have NO BUSINESS owning bikinis. LOL!

Anyhew, after we had the family BBQ and everybody cleared out (after 9PM), the hubby and I caught the ending of Jaws on TV. That movie is such a great way to kick off summer. No, really! I just LOVE that movie (except for the part where Quint gets eaten. That part is gross)

Somehow after Jaws, we found a show called Australia's Deadly Dozen. At the time, it seemed to fit with the theme of scary underwater creatures (like toxic jellyfish with 15 feet tentacles or those rock fish that have 13 spikes on on their back that feel like spears)--until the show moved to land creatures and talked about spiders. Particularly, the Funnel-web spider. One of the worlds' deadliest. Yikes!! Its pinchers can go through a toenail and there's no antidote for it's toxic venom. A human can die within 15 minutes and they're pretty common there.


Let me tell you, this show will do NOTHING for tourism to that country. In fact, after watching it, I told my hubby I would never swim or set foot there. No offense, Australia, I know you're our friends and all and you talk cool, but you've got some wicked wicked creatures over there.

But I digress...

So anyhow, that was our kick off to summer. Hope your day was nice, too!

Unfortunately, it's back to "work".


Debora Dennis-Mills said...

I hate, hate, HATE spiders and you've just given me another reason why. Did I mention I hate spiders?

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

Sounds wonderful! Except for the spider part, which sounds creepy.

Speaking of spiders I spent the day yesterday pulling weeds in the backyard and encountering some garden variety, Good Old American spiders. Which, incidentally, are also creepy.

Now...what's the link between a cool hearse and a day at the beach? Is there one? Hmmm...