Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vacuum Obsession?

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine quick takes, "Rather than calling 140 employees slated for firing into the office for individual terminations, managers of a struggling department store in the U.K. opted for a less tactful approach. The bosses of Robbs pulled the fire alarm to draw the entire work force into the parking lot. There a manager read a short statement delivering the en masse firing to stunned employees."

Well, the dirt on my carpets must really be bothering me, because I can't give up the vacuum talk. I've been researching vacuums nonstop on the Internet for the past week, and I'll tell you, there's a wealth of information out there. Unfortunately, all the information has done nothing but confuse me further. Wah.

And no, the Dysons I'm looking at are not central vacuums. I've had central vacuum in one house I'd lived in and couldn't deal with wrestling with the big long hose. It was like getting a taste of what firemen must go through. Believe me, if I were on that firetruck, the house would be burned to the ground by the time I had the hose organized. I know it's me. I've got problems. No shock there.

The vacuums I'm dreaming about are ordinary uprights--although not ordinary in price. Did I mention they're not cheap?

Okay, here's the first contender: The DC 14. I guess I'm looking at this one because it's the most reasonable in price, and I heard the suction was amazing.

Cue the ooohs and aaahs

The second contender: DC14 Animal--You got love a vacuum called "the animal". I think it's named that because it's supposed to be great for animal hair, but it makes me think it would just rip those dust bunnies to shreds. Yeah, go get 'em!!

Plus the purple color is so pretty. A bonus!

cue more ooohs and aaahs.

I'm going to do a little more research today. But something in the back of mind is telling me there is no "perfect" vacuum.
Oh well. Today is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL, so I'll just sit outdoors (do some critiques for my partners) and ignore my dirty floors.
Do you have anything planned for today?


Elle Fredrix said...

I'm one of those people that researches something to death before I buy it. Find some comsumer reports/reviews, try Amazon.com, anywhere where people can give their opinions of a product and read those. I find that really helps me either choose or eliminate a product.

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

It's hard to be obsessive. I understand--I'm the same darn way. ESPECIALLY if I've been told I can't have something.

Go for the purple one. It's so much prettier than the yellow. Like crocus-colors!

Chicki said...

I'm really interested in finding how those Dyson cyclonic things work. I get sick of emptying bags...

Today I'm running the streets! Yay! I have my local writer's group meeting tonight and before I pick my my girlfriend I'll be stopping at Kroger to pick up a gift certificate they donated as a doorprize for our one-day writing retreat next month. Then I'm going to drop off flyers for the retreat with the manager of the library where it's going to be held.

Doesn't sound like anything special to most people, but considering this is my first week with a car after TWO YEARS ... woo hoo!

Ashleigh said...

Have you seen the Halo? I'm obsessed with vacuums too, and this one, I guess, works like normal, but has an ultraviolet light on the bottom so it kills dust mites and crap in your carpet. Google it up.