Friday, June 8, 2007

My Kingdom for a Muscle Relaxant!

IN THE NEWS: According to, Pac-Man is back! And coming to an XBox 360 near you. The new version is supposed to be updated, though. "The Pac-Man makeover includes mazes that change shape as the game is played, new soundtracks and high-definition graphics, though the game retains the kitschy, arcade-inspired look."

Week Two, Day 3 of Work Out Progress: A note I'm thinking of slipping into my aerobics instructor's gym bag.

Dear Body Sculpting instructor, who never does her whole workout routine because her CD "conveniently" skips at the most excruciating parts:

I'm on to you!

That's right. I'm not stupid. I'm on to your little charade. You can't do your entire work out routine either, can you? Tell you what, the next time your CD skips (which is every class) I'll gladly stop and fix it for you.

And don't think that playing New Age music or Wind chime Mozart sonatas during ab-crunches and push ups takes any of the sting out them. It doesn't!

Oh, and by the way, music like that should be reserved for the COOL DOWN part of your exercise regime only. 30 push ups and 60 sit ups are NOT considered relaxing or soothing by any normal person's standard of exercise.

Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy workout schedule to read my note.


The out-of-shape although HIGHLY perceptive cookie-loving woman in the very back of class

Have a great weekend!


Priya said...

yeah, you put her in her place... lol...what a hoot to read! :)

Chicki said...

That was great! Have you ever watched "Inhale" on Oxygen? The teacher is so cool and his music is fantastic, but I've noticed that he NEVER does the whole workout either. He spends most of the class walking around watching the students... I guess that's the secret of teaching fitness every day.

Anonymous said...

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Glynis said...

Oh lol, I am on the floor laughing... unfortunately I cannot get up ;0