Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend Recap

MENTAL STATUS: "Run-down." I feel like something's coming on. Itty-bitty sore throat, tired, blee, blah, etc..

Had a pretty quiet weekend. Saturday was beautiful, so the family and I spent the afternoon at the beach. I can honestly say I built the largest sandcastle I ever made in my entire life that day. Minnie-him (my daughter, who is becoming more and more like my hubby every day) decorated it with shells and seaweed, too.

It was magnificent. Truly.

Until we left to sit on our blanket, so we could enjoy it from afar. Not some 15 minutes later, three young BOYS came and literally levelled it in under five seconds flat. All that work...gone.

That's when my hubby turned to me in all his wittiness and asked, "Do you find this situation more, less or equal to the bombing of Hiroshima?"

Tee-hee. I know if that happened to his sandcastle, he'd be devastated, too. "Minnie-him" took it all in stride and said I could build a bigger sandcastle next time. Yeah, I guess so.

On the plus side, we came home after that and my hubby grilled pizza. I made margaritas--none for Minnie-him, though. And I didn't make your typical pre-made mix junk. I made actual authentic three-ingredient-only-type margaritas. Unfortunately, one of those had the same potency as about three prescription sleep aids, so I was in bed by 8PM.

In my own defense, it was probably the combination of the sun and all that hard work in the sand. (But the tequila didn't help.)

Anyhew, getting 15 hours of sleep on Saturday seems to be the most exciting thing I did all weekend. LOL!

What did you do?


Elle Fredrix said...

Oh, your poor sand castle! Was it like any of these?

Priya said...

sigh... you lucky you live by the beach. methinks margaritas now make good sleeping tablets, so I will gladly use that from now on!