Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Recap #14

MENTAL STATUS: "Happy". It's going to rain all day today, but my grass and flowers need it. Plus, the weather will force me to stay home and get some things done around the house--like cleaning and reading.

Well, this weekend wasn't anything exciting--but I WAS busy. The mom and the older brother came down to visit, so we were busy entertaining them.

Took them--of course--to the beach on Saturday. Being the total shoobies they are, they both got a terrible sunburn on the first day and as a result couldn't come to the beach with us the next day. Oh, and for those not in the lingo and are wondering, here's a definition:

shoobie--n. A short-term visitor to the beach and shore communities of New Jersey.

Editorial Note: Shoobie has long been said to derive from a description of tourists, day-trippers, weekenders, and others who would bring a meal packed in a shoe box. Though often repeated, this supposed origin has not been verified.

Anyhew, I brought TONS of sunscreen to the beach. You'd think they would have used some. Oh well. Live and learn.

While we were at the beach on Sunday we saw what could be described as a rainbow-cloud. Basically, a small cloud spread across the sky with the colors of the rainbow shooting through it. VERY cool looking. And the mom and brother missed it.

That will teach them to wear sunscreen next time.

But they did get to enjoy my hubby's fine barbecuing techniques. He made burgers with shrimp and melted blue cheese on them. (I know all you blue cheese haters are turning up your nose, but it was awesome) and on Sunday he made grilled pizzas for us.

I'm really becoming spoiled, with the hubby doing all this fantastic grilling. I don't know what I'm going to do when fall time comes and I have to learn how to cook all over again. Ha!

So what did you do this weekend?


Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

Shoobie-doobie doo...That's a new one on me, chica, though we RIer's should have a similar word. We've got the same kinds o'folks around here. Here, I'll coin an RI word for the half-baked: Lobstahfarians. :)

Now I'll have to promote it.

Hey, please have your hubby come cook for me. Recipe, please! Blue cheese sprinkled? What kind of shrimp? Oh, my mouth is watering...


DD said...

Hey - I love it when I learn a new slang word - shoobie - how cute is that! - Glad someone is getting to the beach this summer - I haven't been once yet...there's always tomorrow right?

Jennifer Shirk said...


There was a poem that went with shoobies, too.

Down for the day
Dip in the bay
Red as a cherry
Hope in a hurry


Jennifer Shirk said...

Cyn: We used large fresh water shrimp. The hubby grilled them first.

Then he sliced (tried to slice) the blue cheese. He said if you sprinkle it, it falls off the shrimp, so you have to try to slice it.

Chicki said...


You know my WIP takes place in Beach Haven, so I'm going to steal that one...

My husband does okay on the grill, but he never got that fancy. Lucky you!