Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Recap #15

IN THE NEWS: According to World magazine, "While scientists take turns blaming pesticides, global warming, and even cell phones for the disappearance of many North American honey bee colonies, one PA resident thinks he knows where all the bees might have gone: his home. Tens of thousands of honeybees have taken over his four-bedroom house and have created about 100 pounds of honey in his house. He's arranged a beekeeper to remove and relocate the hive."

I'm know I'm behind in my weekend recap thingy, but I had a hard time choosing some decent pictures. This past weekend was "Night in Venice" weekend in our little town.

Night in Venice is our little town's gala boat parade and decorated bay-front home celebration. This year's parade included approximately 100 boats and over 300 decorated homes. The theme this year was Struttin' By The Bay, a Tribute to the Philadelphia Mummers. Many homes and boats had Mummers decorations and featured String Band music. There was also a boat with The Sopranos theme to it with a guy that looked just like "Tony". Funny. And there was a Don Imus themed boat, too.

I kid you not.

They called it Don Imus Happy Hoe Down and featured a stuffed replica of Imus bound up and hanging (in effigy?) from a Rutger's basketball net. It won most originial for a boat over 24 feet.

Usually the parade starts at 6:30PM, but they moved it up to 7:30PM, so everyone could enjoy the lights on the boats. Unfortunately, that made it very difficult to take pictures as my camera takes stinky ones in the dark.

I did my best. But these pics do no justice to the boats, I assure you.

This one was Christmas in July. Can you see Santa and the reindeer?

This was a HUGE chartered boat. And I was standing in our neighbors backyard--which is on one of the SMALL lagoons. I don't know what was more entertaining, the decorated boats or watching them maneuver and turn around in that small canal.

The rest of the pictures came out terrible, so you'll have to use your imagination. But we had a lot of fun.
What did you do this weekend?


DD said...

Your town does so many fun-themed events throughout the year - great shots, btw! :)

Priya said...

oh wow, this is amazing. i can just imagine it! did you feel like sailing off immediately? i would have!