Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Recap #21

MENTAL STATUS: "Energetic". Feeling good. Had a good sleep, a productive week, then a fun weekend, and I'm raring to start all over again.

Alas, I never get any writing done on weekends while the weather is nice. My daughter's "best friend" from Pennsylvania was in town to enjoy some of the last of the summer beach days, so we hung out with them. A lot.

Took the girls to the rides on the boardwalk TWO days in a row, and had more soft serve ice cream then I usually do all summer. But what the heck, right? Winter will be here and I'll be able to cover up all my fatty dalliances soon enough.

And speaking of fatty...

There was a funny episode at the amusement rides on Friday night. Since our children were too small to go on alone, the dads took the girls on the bummer car ride. After the ride, everyone got off, but my friend soon whispered to me, "I think Dennis (her hubby) needs help." I didn't pay much attention, because who in their good health would need help out of a bumper car? But when I saw everyone else out and Dennis nowhere in sight, I figured my friend wasn't kidding.

There was poor Dennis, struggling with trying to get the seat belt over his head. Unfortunately, the belt only got tighter the more he pulled, so it looked like he was caught in some alligator death roll. So I shouted to my hubby to help him, but my husband just gave one half-hearted tug--with the tips of his first two fingers, mind you--shrugged and suggested they needed the jaws of life. At this point I'm laughing so hard, 1) because of the situation and 2) because our little girls are chanting "Daddy's stuck, Daddy's stuck" at the tops of their lungs for all the people waiting in line to hear. But my hubby eventually DID call the attendants over and they helped the poor guy out.

Oh man, I wish I had my video camera for that one. Oh well. At least, I have the memory.

Anyhew, Saturday night we had a little par-tay at our house. Had the neighbors and some family over for a little BBQ get-together. It was a little chilly outside, but we managed to keep everybody (especially the kiddies) outside to eat. Whew!

Sunday, the in-laws took us and my brother-in-law's family out to dinner to celebrate the in-laws anniversary. Their 49th to be exact. And if my daughter wasn't so tired from two late nights in a row (late nights meaning 9 PM), it would have been a lovely dinner. But she had her face in my lap, trying to sleep, for most of my meal--not the most comfortable position. For me, that is. Anyway, we came home and she practically put herself to bed at 6:30 PM. Lucky for us we had an early reservation or that dinner might not have happened. Sheesh.

So today, I'm going to finish tinkering with a contest entry and an editor request. Then I'm going to just write.

What did you do this weekend?


Chicki said...

Saturday was my oldest daughter's "Me Day, " so I watched the grands while she took a Tai Chi classs, then went to Atlanta Bread Company and Barnes & Noble to work for about four hours. Trying to get my Ch. 6 plotted out. Picked the grands up from a birthday party later in the afternoon while my daughter and her girlfriend got a massage. Then I gave them baths and fed them while their mom attended a worker's dinner at her church. By the time she got back, I was the one who needed the Tai Chi and massage!

Sunday was the usual - church and grocery shopping.

So it was another typical unexciting weekend.

Tempest Knight said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I didn't much. Work, work, work... and did I mention work? Have fun writing today!

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

ROTFL. It's always fun to watch another's embarrassing moments, isn't it?

What contest, girl?

Tammi said...

I love recharging over the weekend. It looks like you have the bones for a great story! Poor Dennis and his belt situation had me in stitches:)

Have a happy and productive week!

Stephanie said...

I agree with tammi, you must use that scene in a book! Perhaps even how the hero and heroine meet! ;o)

didn't do much this weekend. and I've been cleaning all day today so I think I'm in for a nap this afternoon while the kiddos are down! Hope the writing goes well!

Patricia W. said...

This weekend was quiet so I got a lot of writing done. Usually mine are more like yours, filled with errands, family time, or social engagements.

Priya said...

awww...that is so family orientated and sweet.

your friend's hubby - poor man. was he very traumatised.

and wow - 49 years? I am very very impressed