Saturday, October 27, 2007

Set Your Watches--Game 3 of the World Series Tonight

IN THE NEWS: According to, a New Jersey family found a 10-pound orange object hanging on a vine from a tree in their backyard. Last spring, the mom told her 5 year-old son there was no room in the garden for pumpkins so he threw some seeds in a wooded area of the yard. The vines had attached to a nearby tree, and this year the family spotted the pumpkin hanging 4 feet off the ground.

Game Three Tonight. GO SOX!!!

Here's an interesting tidbit: The Rockies starting pitcher tonight, Josh Fogg, was born in Lynn, MA and is the son of a die hard Red Sox fan.

Gee, I wonder what team his dad is rooting for....

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Priya said...

i don't know much about baseball, but that pumpkin story was amazing...and just in time for halloween. oh, and thats the power of mother nature for you.