Friday, October 19, 2007

Tagged--I'm it!

MENTAL STATUS: "Upbeat." Getting little things around the house done, caught up on some my reading, and managed to do a little writing this week, too.

My blogging buddy and fellow writer, Patricia Woodside, tagged me for a 10-20-30 flashback of what I was doing that many years ago.

Hmm. I mentioned that my memory is terrible, so bear with me.

10 years ago: Let's see, 1997. Hmm. I was living in Massachusetts,working as a pharmacist for CVS. Probably choking my co-workers with the smell of isopropyl alcohol because I was a bit anal with cleaning the work area. I was also probably cracking myself up with Three Stooges lines and verbally abusing my technician, Ed (who still talks to me, by the way)

20 years ago: In 1987, I was a sophomore in high school. Hmmm. I remember nothing of high school. Must have been traumatic. But I was probably cracking myself up with Monty Python lines while working at TCBY. This was also the year that I met my good friend, Laurie. She was my maid of honor 8 years later, and we still keep in touch.

30 years ago: Okay... 1977. Again, I don't remember much. I was is first grade, thinking my first grade teacher was a genius and loving art class. Oh, and I remember my older brother complaining because unemployment was so bad, he couldn't even get a job at McDonald's. It's weird the things that stick with you...

Anyhew, that's my memory. Pretty bad, huh?

By the way, I saw the guy I couldn't remember from the pizza place. Again. My daughter had to get soccer pictures done last night, and I found out he's a coach for one of the other teams! Figures. I didn't want to embarrass myself further, so I did the logical and mature thing. I hid behind my hubby until he left. Smooth. I know I will have confront him one of these days, but yesterday was way too soon for me. I'm still mortified.

Oh well. Have a great weekend!


Kristen Painter said...

Hiding as a technique for avoiding social conflict? SWEET! You should send this tip into Martha Stewart. It's brilliant. LOL

Patricia W. said...

Walk up to that man and come clean! He may not even remember and you'll feel better! Of course, I can see this scene in a romantic comedy, where the heroine tries hard to avoid the hero for some bizarre reason but keeps running into him.

Chicki said...

Oh no! You were in kindergarten the year I got married!!!!! Now I'm seriously depressed.

Enjoy your weekend, little girl. :)