Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Own Book Club

MENTAL STATUS: "Distracted". Lower back problems still a minor problem, but I did some exercising that helped a bit.

Well, since I remained on my back most of this weekend, I was able to do a quite a bit of reading. Which reminded me that I forgot to mention that on one of my critique forums, we're doing out own kind of online "book club".

Each of us members have a certain genre "specialty". So we thought it'd be kind of neat to expose one another to--or share-- what we each generally like to read. You know, get out of our comfort zone and try something new.

What's on the agenda for the next few months? I'll tell you:

November is DRIVEN by Eve Kenin , WIRED by Liz Maverick or MOONGAZER by Marianne Mancusi (it didn't matter what we chose, since the book club leader planned to read all three) I chose DRIVEN. All are supposed to be fairly dark SF with romantic elements and strong female protagonists.

December is CATCH OF THE DAY by Kristan Higgins. A romantic comedy.(My choice. Suprise surprise)

January is THIN ICE by Lianna Laverentz. We decided to throw an e-book on the list, and since this won the NJ RWA's Golden Leaf award, we couldn't resist.

February is LET SLEEPING ROGUES LIE by Sabrina Jeffries. An historical romance.

Well, I just finished Driven. I confess this story would not be something I would have been chomping at the bits to pick up. That's exactly why I'm so glad we started this book club, because I really enjoyed the story. Yeah, maybe we would have liked more pages devoted to the evil villain, but, oh well, you can't have everything in life. I would still recommend it. I especially liked the "tough" heroine--the fact that she armed herself with various cool weapons and could kill anyone without much effort, yet she hated to kill.

I'm actally ahead of schedule now, since I'm about a quarter of the way through Kristan Higgins' new novel and it's not up for discussion until next month.

Are you in a book club? Or better yet, have you read any of the books on our list?


Chicki said...

Jennifer, thank you for giving me a topic for my blog today. I couldn't come up with anything to write about until I read this.

Check it later on.

Stephanie said...

Oooh, sounds like fun! I've read several of Sabrina Jeffries books and I've loved them, even though I'm not normally a historical type reader.

Have fun! And hope your back problems are getting better every day!

Virginia Lady said...

I haven't read any of those titles yet and I'm not in a book club. Perhaps the problem?

Maybe after NaNo is over I'll find a club to join. Would be good for me I think.

Thanks for visiting my site Jennifer!

Kristen Painter said...

I haven't read any of those. I did just finish Roxanne St. Claire's Take Me Tonight. I know it's been out a while, but I just got to it! My TBR pile is about to topple over...

Patricia W. said...

I haven't read any of the titles yet and I'm not in a book club. I'd like to be for the social aspects but I read so much now, between my own picks and those I read for reviews, I wouldn't have time and don't need the pressure/guilt.

Chelle Sandell said...

I need to read a good historical...stuck lately on the line I'm targeting! Hope your back gets better sweetie!!

Lesley said...

Well that sounds like fun! I need to find a critique group myself. Or at least some beta readers. hehe My friends are too delicate with my feelings most of the time.

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Hope your back is all better soon!