Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ridiculous Inventions

MENTAL STATUS: "Stressed". I have some errands to run and I need to get to my daughter's school early, because I'm helping run the book fair.

Sven Word Total: Well, I managed to devote a good chunk of yesterday morning to writing yet only came away with 750 words. But at least I hit the minimum requirement, and the words I wrote were usable.

As I was reading my daughter's Kidsville newspaper, I got a chuckle out of one of the articles. Paul Niemann, the author of Invention Mysteries, listed a cute top ten annual list of the most ridiculous inventions ever created.

Here's a few that have crossed the patent office (although are not for sale):

1) The parachute hat.

2) Training pants for dogs

3) The tricycle lawnmower. (Actually, I'd probably take a look at that one)

4) The bird harness.
The story behind this failure was as follows: A lady put a bird harness on her bird and took the bird to the park, but it got spooked by some wild ducks, who were spooked by a dog. The bird--while attached to the bird harness--flew to a nearby tree and got stuck. As the bird tried to escape, he accidentally hung himself.

Eeep or chirp, as the case may be. No wonder that invention didn't fly. (Ooops. Sorry. That was a terrible a joke)

Personally, I'd like to see "the sour milk tester", so it doesn't have to hit my tongue. You know, something more useful. Unless, it's already been invented. Hmm. I need to google that.

Any inventions you'd like to see happen?


Tempest Knight said...

I have to admit I'm curious about the tricycle lawnmower.

Chicki said...

A calorie disintegrator. You fix your plate, put it inside and when it's done the food retains it's taste and texture but doesn't make you fat.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Kristen Painter said...

A self-cleaning carpet.

Stephanie said...

A device that holds a baby's pacifier in it's mouth! My hubby and I have actually thought about that one!

Lesley said...

Poor bird!!! Don't they have something like that for hawk and falcons that people use for hunting though? Like so you can tether it to your wrist? And that tricycle lawnmower just sounds like a bad idea! I'm worried about flipping with four wheeled one on the hills we've got!

Stephanie: If you can event one of those that actually works and isn't a strangle risk, I'll buy it!

Cassandra said...

I'd like to see an invention that would make my husband pick up his socks and underwear off the floor.