Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #26

Thirteen Magazines I've Subscribed
to Within the Last Ten years

1. Parenting

2. Bon Appetit

3. TV Guide (Hey, don't judge me! It had good articles--especially on all my American Idol gossip)

4. In Style (For obvious reasons)

5. Wine Spectator (I eventually renamed this one "Wine Dictator" and stopped my subscription)

6. Spin (I was younger then)

7. Travel & Leisure (Good vacation ideas)

8. American Baby ( Being a new mom and all that)

9. Gourmet

10. Saveur (Do you see a cooking trend here?)

11. Food & Wine (I like to eat and drink)

12. Money (A Christmas gift subscription, but not bad)

13. World (My all-time-favorite and I'm still subscribing to it)

What magazines do you subscribe to?

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Gina Ardito said...

Oh, I'm an eat and drink kinda gal myself. Taste of Home, Cooking Light, Quick Cooking, Simple & Delicious (Do you see a trend here?) I won a subscription to Southern Lady at RWA National (I don't know many NYers who receive that one, but I like it. A little taste of Savannah on Long Island)

Oh! And MAD Magazine, naturally.

Tempest Knight said...

I used to subscribe to so many mags. But due to $$$ problems, now I only have Romantic Times mag, which I've been receiving for the past 17 yrs.

jodie said...

i notice a trend of food and wine. a connuisure[sp?] i see

Jennifer McKenzie said...

"Cooking Light" is the only one I subscribe to by choice.
"Reader's Digest" and "Writer's Mag" were gifts.
I'm not a big magazine girl.

Deb said...


I have..
Roling stone
Nick jr - for the kids
Disney Guide - for the kids
CBS soaps
In style

Lesley said...

Let's see...

I currently subscribe to...
Baby Talk
Wonder (A new Disney magazine about kids they just started sending me but it's so cute)
And a bunch of catalogs (I like to look at things I can't afford)

I used to subscribe to at some point...
Cat Fancy
American Quarter Horse Journal
Seventeen (Yeah, riveting literature that one.)

Darla said...

Hmmm. I get Health, Discover, Improbable Research, Quest, and National Geographic. Yeah, we're a little nerdy here. :)

Adelle said...

We subscribe to Readers Digest, Our Canada and a Hunting mag for my hunny. Happy T13!

Morgan St. John said...

Hmmm, I've got the RWA that comes in...whenever. The reader's digest which my husband devours from front to back. And Faith and Family, a good one, too. I'm not a big mag reader. I tend to skim and look at pictures mostly. :D Oh, I forgot Ranger Rick... you know, for the kids.

Alice Audrey said...

Reader's Digest. It was a gift!

Paige Tyler said...

Cosmopolitan and TV Guide for me!


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Heather said...

The two I sub to right now are Paper Crafts and The Writer. I used to get Travel & Leisure but it just depressed me never being able to go anywhere, so I stopped.

Kate Willoughby said...

Everyday Food (You foodie people must get this!!)
Woman's Day
Woman's World
Real Simple

I may have ordered something new from my sons' magazine drive, but I can't remember what!

Lanie Fuller said...

Great list!

I've never been big on magazines for some reason. I can't even remember what magazines I've read in the past ten years, let alone ones I've bought.

Jennifer Y. said...

Cool List! I don't really get many magazines. I do get the Kraft Food & Family magazine a few times a year...great and easy recipes in it.

Happy TT!

Moondancer said...

#1, #3, #6, and #8 for me over the past decades or so, on and off.

Harris Channing said...

Hey where's "The Enquirer"? Just kidding! Great list!

Have a great Thursday.


Pamela said...

I've read most of these as well. Are you a magazine junkie like me? Let's see:

Writer's Digest
Food & Wine
House & Garden
Rolling Stone

to name a few. Sheesh! Thanks for the reminder to check out "World". Have a great night!

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Thanks for commenting on mine!