Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Still Not Done

IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "Turkey day came a little late for Chuck Ritter of Traverse City, Mich. While Ritter was in his living room on Dec. 8, a 25-pound turkey reportedly flew through the bedroom window of his third-story apartment. Ritter, 83, and a maintenance worker tried to corral the flummoxed bird for 30 minutes before Ritter finally cornered it and grabbed its neck. Ritter said he would give the now-dead turkey to a needy family."

I almost didn't blog today. I know I still have seven days--gulp-- until Christmas, but I like to have a little "cushion" in case I can't find a certain gift. And I'm experiencing that problem with my mom's. I went to FIVE different stores looking for (I can't tell you what in case she sees this) so now I'm at the beginning stage of a full blown panic attack.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

But I did get a bulk of my shopping done yesterday. So that's good. And then I wrapped from 9:30 until 11PM. I still have 3 kinds of cookies to make, and a few more gifts to buy and wrap. Oh, and I have to go food shopping, because I suppose it'd be kind of nice to have some food on Christmas day for my 14 guests.

Are you ready for Christmas?


Stephanie said...

Mostly ready, I guess. We begin our festivities this week. On Thursday, we're having a big dinner with the in-laws. On Friday, we're doing a Santa's Village here in town (very cool with live reindeer). On Saturday, I'm taking Jillian to see Alvin and the Chipmunks (we'll see how this goes, it will be her first movie) and then I'm cooking the rest of the day. On Sunday, big family get together after church with my side of the family in GA. Busy week but thankfully Christmas Eve and Day are reserved for just us. Have a good one!

Patricia W. said...

Almost. Gifts done. Cupcakes for school parties tonight. Still need to get the tree and decorate.

lainey bancroft said...


Can't you hear me screaming? :0

Virginia Lady said...

Nope. Not ready. Don't even know what I'm missing. Too many other things keep cropping up. Dead washing machine, problems with my truck, and the guys that came to install my washing machine? Yeah, they broke the faucet that cuts off the water to the house. I have no water. None. And I'm flying out today, with my hubby and 3 kids for the holiday.

Arizona has stores. My christmas prep will start once I'm there. :-)