Thursday, December 27, 2007

Still in Holiday Mode

MENTAL STATUS: "Slow". Feeling extremely lazy since Christmas. (I think I'm still trying to recover from having 20 family members in my house)

I had a wonderful Christmas! Just wonderful. And I also realized two things: 1) my family is nutso, (especially when my brother starts talking about his itchy nipples at the Christmas Eve dinner table and no one finds it strange and/or disgusting) and 2) my family is awesome (especially because they are so loving and generous) It strikes a nice balance.

My Christmas dinner went off without a hitch. I think I finally figured out how to handle the large crowds. BUFFET style and delegate what to bring. I couldn't have everyone sit down at the same table because there were too many people, so I had it "party-style" with my dining room table set up in a buffet. I only made sure the kids were seated at a table. On the menu was a spiral ham, an arugula mustard/mayo, a cranberry horseradish sauce, scalloped potatoes, spinach squares, glazed carrots, corn bread casserole, shrimp risotto and rolls. And for dessert, we had pecan pies, pumpkin mousse and Christmas cookies. The best part was there wasn't much work for me! I only had to make the sauces, the risotto, the carrots and pop the ham in the oven. It was a breeze.

But we still all slept in the next day. I cleaned, the hubby took off from work and we went out to lunch. We even did a little shopping. I was obviously still in holiday-mode because the Chocolate cream Godiva liquor was still somehow finding its way into my morning coffee.

'Tis the season.

Anyhew, the hubby is taking a half a day today. So I'm just going to run a few errands and then when he comes home, we'll do something fun. Like maybe go to an aquarium.

I'm not ready to get back to "work" quite yet.

How was your Christmas?


Stephanie said...

We had a great Christmas! I got one of those kitchen stand mixers I've been wanting for ages, and the kids had a blast! Jillian got a kitchen and I haven't stopped eating since. ;o) David got an amazing animals train that he's not too into yet. He's mostly having fun playing with Jillian's play food! Glad to hear everything went well!

Chicki said...

Your family sounds like mine. I can't even imagine what a holiday without family would be like.

We do the same thing -- buffet-style with everyone bringing a contribution. It works out beautifully.

Speaking of lazy, I'm so overdosed on Godiva cookies (courtesy of one of my husband's coworkers), I haven't even had the energy to post a blog entry. Maybe I'll do it now...

Chelle Sandell said...

That's hilarious!! It sounds like our chaos at holiday meals. I'm actually ready to get Christmas over and get back to work.