Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #33

Thirteen of my Daughter's Webkinz

1. Lemon Drop (her only "virtual" Webkinz)

2. Ice Cream
3. Licorice

4. Candy Corn

5. Vanilla

6. Pumpkin

7. Pink Wings (Yeah, she's aware the horse doesn't have any wings)

9. Cherry

10. Minty (Her first)

11. Marshmallow

12. Snowflake

12. Coco (That chiwuaua's all right) LOL (Sorry. Lame Seinfeld line)

13. Chocolate (in a pink ballerina outfit)

STOP the insanity!! How many of these things can she own??


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Darla said...

Oh, now it's official: my kids are growing up. How I know: I didn't know what Webkinz were. *sigh*

Adelle said...

I will not let my girls see this post... I will not let my girls see this post... I will not...
LOL Happy T13!

Chicki said...

Don't feel bad, Darla. I didn't know what they were either, but then my girls are 38 and 28.

When they were little they both had so many stuffed animals I had to buy those net hammock things that hang from the ceiling to keep the excess in.

Little girls just have a thing for cuddly,huggable companions. Oh, I guess we big girls like them too if they're human and male...

Jennifer McKenzie said...

It's official. I have boys. I didn't know what these were either.
But they're cute.
And don't ask how many she can own. You may have boxes of these things to sell on Ebay someday.

Stephanie said...

I'm joining the masses, I don't know what they are, either! I keep hearing about them but I don't know what they are or how they work (or even IF they work!)

Amanda Young said...

I feel so out of the loop. I've never even heard of these toys. They are cute though. :)

Amanda Young

Debbie Mumford said...

*LOL* This too shall pass. I remember a day when my house was overrun with Pound Puppies and Purries...Sigh.

Now my daughter has kids!

Jennifer Bianco said...

I don't know what they are either, and my kids are 6 and 13.
They are adorable though. :)

Alice Audrey said...

Oh boy. We're cutting it close on this one. I didn't know what they are, and don't know if my dd will be demanding them or not. She's into Littlest Petshop.

Anonymous said...

yep have a boy so had no clue what they were. very cute tho!

Lesley said...

Oh come on! At least it's not beanie babies! There has to be some end to these webkinz but those beanie babies just kept going and going... Apparently my son needs one now cause he looked at the screen and shouted "A puppy, Mommy!"

Savannah Chase said...

those are so adorable, it reminds me when Beenie babies were the big thing

Debora said...

Sadly, I know what these are and my 8 year daughter's room is overrun with them - at least count we had 28...yes, 28! Rock on, Jennifer - you're just getting started!

Bethany said...

Yeah....I'm hungry now, LOL.

My hubby's little cousin is in LOVE with these things, so these are what we hunted for at Christmas. No fun, I tell ya. There is probably a black market for them!

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

OMG. Look at all the responses! Funny thing is, I had to clear two webkins off my desk chair to read your blog. Aurora the sled dog and Jesse the horse.
And I was thinking about blogging about them. (great minds...)

Stop the insanity before it's too late! (Multiply $14.95 plus tax times 13 Webkins.)

Happy Thursday!

Paige Tyler said...

Those are sooooooo cute! I love stuffed animals!


My TT is at

Gina Ardito said...

Umm...well, in my daughter's generation, it was Beanie Babies and OMG, at one time she had more Beanie Babies than skin cells. Now, she has one: the one that has her birthday. The rest disappeared gradually while she was in school, at slumber parties, etc. ;-)

Heather said...

Those are too cute - love the names!

Harris Channing said...

Cute list. My daughter has a little white terrier dog named Jellybean. I fear more are coming!

Have a great day.


Angelle Trieste said...

Love the list, but seriously, how many have you bought for your kid????