Friday, February 15, 2008

The Little Things

IN THE NEWS: According to, "The Swiss have invented a car that runs on land and underwater. But did they REALLY have to make it a convertible?
It's called the ''sQuba,'' and conjures up memories of James Bond's amphibious Lotus Esprit from ''The Spy Who Loved Me.'' That fictional vehicle traveled on land and, when chased by bad guys in a helicopter, plunged into the water and became an airtight submarine — complete with ''torpedoes'' and ''depth charges.''
But ''Q'' isn't responsible for this one.
The concept car — which unlike Bond's is not armed — was developed by Swiss designer Rinspeed Inc. and is set to make a splash at the Geneva Auto Show next month."

So...I cleaned my bookshelf off last night. Yeah, big deal, right? Well, as I organized my books (and wished I had an e-book reader), I realized how some books had little memorable tidbits to them and some did not. Not that I didn't like those other books, but there wasn't anything I remembered besides that I simply liked the book.
I'm not talking about having memorabe characters--which is important--or even likeable characters, but just something small that stuck with me as a reader.

In Holly Jacob's book, Once Upon a Princess, I don't remember the characters' names, but I do remember a scene where the hero and heroine's friend are discussing making pancakes for breakfast. What they really were talking about was the hero and heroine's relationship, but the dialogue was so cute and charming that it stuck with me even a little over a year later.

In Jenny Crusie's book, Anyone but You, I automatically think of the heroine's dog, Fred. (I think he was part Basset Hound part manic depressive.)

And in Cara Lockwood's book, I Do (But I Don't)--another book I read well over a year ago--I automatically think of a scene involving the heroine ( a wedding planner) and one of the grooms who was jumping out of an airplane on his wedding day. It still cracks me up.

Isn't it interesting that I can barely remember the plots of most of the books I read, but in some I can definitely remember these little pieces that I tucked fondly away in my mind?

So what about you? Do have little things that stick with you in books you've enjoyed? What do you remember?


Stephanie said...

I definitely remember little bits and pieces of books, too. I think it's usually the stuff that appeals to us, like stuff we'd like to write ourselves or stuff that would appeal to us if someone did it for us romantically. Plus if it's just really well written! I'm a fast reader so I remember very little about books, but it's the ones like Nicholas Sparks that stick with me because they're so well written.

Cyn said...

Oh yes! I remember Fred from Anyone But You. :)

I also remember the hero of one book, who got caught in the tube of a playground slide...Oh! Wait...that was YOUR book. :)

Chicki said...

I definitely remember descriptions of characters, like the first time Serena saw Lucky Doucet in Tami Hoag's "Lucky's Lady." Tami had me wanting to be in that bar with Serena. Wow!

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez' description of Usnavys in "The Dirty Girls Social Club." My kinda girl -- big, bold, and very well dressed.

One that I recently read that'll be stuck in my head forever is J.R. Ward's introduction of Rhage in "Lover Eternal."