Monday, March 10, 2008

Disney Recap

MENTALS STATUS: "Refreshed". Still feeling good after that nice vacation.

Ok. As promised, here's the recap of my Disney vacation experience:

We checked into out hotel Thursday afternoon and rushed right out to MGM--AKA Hollywood Studios now--to catch the nighttime Fantasmic show. This is the kiddo's favorite show in Disney, so we absolutely could not miss this. Of course, it was by far the coldest day of our trip and being on the water and it being nighttime didn't help matters. Luckily, I brought winter gloves for all, so we were all set.

Friday, we went to the Magic Kingdom. I gave the kiddo a snack and decided we could all skip breakfast and catch an early bus there. Big mistake. Because in skipping breakfast, that also meant skipping coffee. And I learned the hard way that I am thoroughly addicted and like the junkie I am, started suffering "withdrawal" symptoms a few hours into being there. I forgot the Tylenol back at the hotel room (another brilliant move on my part), so by early afternoon (and after a few good inhalations from the Indy 500 Speedway ride) I was feeling mighty ill. I had to stop for a "fix"--er, I mean Coke, and as I sat there with my head between my knees because I was so nauseous, various Disney workers came by giving various freebies to my daughter: including free fast pass tickets to any ride, stickers, and a Tinkerbell pin.

At least my sickness was good for something.

Anyhew, I finally said to my hubby that we need to go back to the hotel room so I could take something and rest before our dinner reservations. He agreed, and we got onto a crowded bus back to the hotel. There was a woman holding a baby with two empty seats on either side of her. She looks and me and my daughter and says, "She can sit here (pointing to her left) and you can sit here (pointing to her right)."
I was feeling too sick to question why she couldn't slide over and let me sit next to my daughter, so we just sat. Well, there was some traffic and the bus ride made me my stomach feel like I was on a slow boat to China. Not good. Then the the bus driver had to slam on his breaks. There's no seat belts or anything in those buses, so people went flying. There were bodies everywhere on the floor of the bus--one of them my frightened daughter, who was now crying and rubbing her leg where that woman's stroller had toppled on top of her. Well, needless to say the woman finally moved over so I could get to my daughter, but by then it was too late and my hubby grabbed her and she sat on his lap. She was unhurt. More scared than anything. Needless to say, if I was sitting next to my daughter, I probably could have prevented her from flying out of her seat because my instinct would have been to "stop short" a la Frank Constanza in Seinfeld.

But I digress...

Anyhew, we FINALLY made it back to the hotel where I promptly...hmmm... let's say "got sick" and felt a bit better. And after a little nap, we all recharged and had a nice dinner. Whew!

On Saturday, I did not make the same mistake. I made sure I had a nice tall latte and a muffin before heading over to EPCOT. (I had no problems that day.) We met up with my hubby's parents (who are in FL for the season) and we toured around Future World. First stop was the ride Soarin', which we missed last year. This ride was very cool, but I found Test Track much more fun.

The kiddo was dressed in her Snow White costume for the day since we were having a Princess dinner in the Akershus Banquet Hall in Norway. The food was okay, but the experience with the princesses was so stinkin' cute that it was well worth going. She got to meet and talk with Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Snow White. All the princesses mingled as we ate. Well, when Snow White took one look at my daughter (dressed exactly the same), she took my daughter by the hand and led her to area where they danced together and twirled by daughter around. ADORABLE!!!! Then they came back to the table and while Snow White was signing her autograph book, my daughter looks up to her with hearts in her eyes and says, "I just want you to know you're my favorite princess." (Hmph. Like she couldn't tell that from the whole Snow White getup. ) I really enjoyed the whole experience (maybe more than my daughter) and we got some really great pictures.

This is going on too long, so I'll stop and tell the rest tomorrow. I'm off to visit my mother now.

Have a good one!


Angelle Trieste said...

Ohh...sounds like you had a very good time (except the no breakfast / coffee thing).

BF and I can't function without big breakfast, so I can imagine how bad it must've been. *hugs*

lainey bancroft said...

Ah, the Disney buses can be the best and the worst. I know everyone is eager to get back to their hotel, but I really think they should limit the bodies they pack on those things. And people get soooo weird. Being tall, (well, tall-ish for me) we always gave our seats up to older folks or people with little 'uns usually they were gratefully accepted. Sometimes people just glared at us. Once a couple refused my sons offer and their 3 yo flew into his lap, he caught her and shifted his legs so she could have half a seat, the dad jerked her away and actually told him to keep his effing hands to himself. Like he would have preferred we let his daughter face plant? :0

Snow White is my favorite princess too. (but I didn't dress up) =)

Kristen Painter said...

Personally, I think the Princess breakfast is better - not that we've ever done the dinner, but we do the breakfast once a year with our neice and it's really nice. The hashbrowns are delish. lol

I'm sorry you didn't feel well. That really sucks when you're trying to have fun! Can't wait to hear more.

Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous! I can't wait until our trip to Gatlinburg in a few days! I need a vacation, too! Of course, we're going with a bunch of family, so it won't be much of a vacation with everyone giving me a hard time about keeping the kids on schedule. But it any fun when kids are cranky cause they need a nap? I would be much happier just sitting in the cabin while they rested than out having to deal with them cranky! Ya know?!

Chicki said...

The princess dinner is an experience your daughter will probably remember for the rest of her life! And her mother will remember the no breakfast thing...

Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.

Chelle Sandell said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! I get the no caffeine headaches, as well! No fun...lesson learned. ;)