Friday, March 14, 2008


IN THE NEWS: According to World Magazine, "An unidentified woman in Washington attempted to bank a bag of methamphetamine when she inserted a bag of it with some cash and deposited it into an automatic teller machine. Bank workers took the cash but called the police when they found the drugs."

First results: The Soup.

I made it. It was...good. Not awesomely outrageous good. But good. Of course, after the fact, my mom happened to let it slip that she also put one chopped up jalapeno pepper in it. (Grrr.) That was information I could have used WEDNESDAY.

Second results. My Window Treatments (and 5 pillows I had made for my living room)



It's kind of hard to tell, but the room looks so much more warmer. And there's finally some color! The only thing I'm waiting on now is my oriental rug. That's coming in 2 more weeks. (I can't wait!)

Now I'm going to tackle my edits on TROAL and maybe do a little writing.

Have a good one!


Stephanie said...

Beautiful! Our decorating tastes are VERY similar. I can't wait until we get in our new house in a couple of weeks and get started doing stuff like this!

Chicki said...

Very nice. Decorating is so much fun. You have to post another pic when you get the run.

Have a fun weekend!