Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dentist Woes

MENTAL STATUS: "Frustrated." With my child. (see below)

I took my kiddo--who just turned SIX--to the dentist the other day for a check-up and cleaning. And something terrible happened. She wouldn't let them clean her teeth. **gasp** She barely let them count her teeth. She just slapped her hand over her mouth and that was it.

I can tell you at that point I wanted to crawl under the chair. But I didn't. Well, I couldn't. There really wasn't enough room under the seat for me to crawl under. And the chair had wheels. I figured it would have probably rolled away just as I dropped to the floor anyway. So I just stood there with an apologetic smile stretched across my tight lips.

I really tried to reason with her (with my tight smile still going on strong). The dental hygienist tried to reason with her. The dentist tried to reason with her. She would have no parts of me or them. (By the way, this is NOT her first trip to the dentist. I don't know why there's a problem now)

Let me also state that my child is a wonderful easygoing kid. She's pleasant and polite and never gives me any trouble. Well...except when I tried to enroll her in swim lessons. But other than that, she hasn't given me any trouble.

I guess I was due.

The dentist was nice enough not to fight with her (or humiliate me further) but made it clear to me that if my kiddo doesn't let them clean her teeth in 6 months they'll have to recommend bringing her to a children's dentist specialist. Oh, joy.

I need a cup of coffee.


Chicki said...

That's funny, even though I know it wasn't at the time. My daughter went through the same thing with P.J., her middle child. He was petrified of the doctor for a while. I drove them one time, and I had to leave the building because I could hear P.J. screaming where I sat in the wait room! And that was only because they tried to look in his ears...

She'll get over it soon, but a kids dentist is probably the best choice.

Angelle Trieste said...

Oh wow. I can't decide if I should laugh at your kid's obstinate closemouthedness or not.

I do think it's going to pass though. I was deathly afraid of doctors and hospitals when I was a kid. I refused to go even when a car ran over my leg! My parents were really really mad (at me for being stubborn) and the guy who ran me over (who happened to be my mom's best friends' husband) was ready to die of extreme guilt and sense of responsibility. They would've dragged me to the hospital if I hadn't screamed like they were murdering me or something.

Stephanie said...

Just hang in there. I LIKE going to the dentist now and I was like that when I was a kid. Make sure you tell her if she doesn't let them clean her teeth, the dentist will have to pull them all...which in essence is truth! ;oD

Bella said...

That's funny. After five kids i learned that anything goes with kids. Mine are due for their six-months check-up tomorrow and funily enough they look forward to it. But the first time I took my son in, he refused to cooperate but I just shrugged it off and my dentist was so cool about it.
SOmetimes their behavior is theirs not a reflection on you, that's my attitude lol


Debora said...

I'm with her - I hate the dentist - sorry :)

Maybe this was just one of those kid moments and it will pass, I hope so (for your sake!)