Friday, May 23, 2008

Feeling Tag-eriffic

IN THE NEWS: The giant Texas sinkhole that formed last week is now a lake big enough to become the home of an alligator. Read more HERE.

Ok. We're playing tag again. Sasha Allgood got me, so here goes...

Here are Alice’s rules.
We’re playing Telephone again, only this time I’m going to call it “Whisper.”
What you do is make a change in the paragraph below. It can be as little as a single word or almost every word, so long as we can still recognize the paragraph you received. I’m talking about the one in the blog of the person who tagged you, not the original paragraph.

Tag three people, and link to them. Also link to the person who tagged you so the chain will not be broken!

Now go to the original paragraph at and let Alice know you did it. She will link to you.

For extra credit, head over to June 9th for the contest based on this meme. You could win a $20 gift certificate.

Here’s my paragraph:

He came from Alabama, a banjo in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other. His name was Wilbur, but she’d always called him Slick Willie. She liked his soft southern drawl and his crooked smile. She never did get a chance to kiss him. Instead, he played her a tune and danced her a jig, and ran off with a piglet named Bea.

So now, I'll tag: Angelle, Fionn, and Debora.

Enjoy, ladies...


Alice Audrey said...

I Jennifer! When I hit the part about Slick Willy I thought for sure he was going to run for president. :)

I linked to you here:

Anonymous said...

Slick Willie...ROFL!!!

Love this one...very cute. :)

Oh, and I love your blog too. :P