Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wicked Weather

MENTAL STATUS: "So-So." My mood should be more on the high end of that so-so range, but who can really explain why you feel the way you do sometimes. I'm just kinda "there" today.

FAST DRAFT PROGRESS: 7 pages yesterday. Woo-hoo! We're coming into the final stretch of this FD. By then I should be about 1/3 done this first draft. :)

Well, we had some wicked weather yesterday. HEAVY rain. HIGH gusts of wind--sometimes reaching 70 m/hr in some parts of our town. I got a call from the kiddo's school, too. They were sending everybody home early due to flooding. I looked out in my backyard and our heavy duty gas grill was blown right over--the gas line waving in the wind.

The worst part of this mess? We were really caught off guard by it all. None of the weather stations had warned us of this awful storm. Had we'd known, we (meaning the hubby) would have battened down the hatches a bit.

Oh well. The grill may be on its last legs now. When the weather clears we'll be able to have a better diagnosis. It's sad. We've had "bluey" (our grill is royal blue) for over 8 years. It's cooked some mighty mean burgers and pizzas for us. I hope it's ok.

How was your weather yesterday?


Chicki said...

We need to pay attention to the signs -- cyclones in Myanmar, earthquakes in China, The Bible says (my paraphrase), "the whole earth is groaning, awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God." and Matthew 24 says, the famines, pestilences and earthquakes are just the beginning of sorrows. This is why Christians needs to pray daily for God's protection.

The tornado that hit Atlanta this time was only fifteen minutes away from us. Click here to see the pictures: http://projects.ajc.com/gallery/view/metro/clayton/staffstorm0511/

Stephanie said...

You got the storms that came through for us Saturday night. They were pretty wicked here, too. We were up until around 12 Saturday night with them!

lainey bancroft said...

Long live the grill.

Sounds like the same storm that ripped us. Wicked winds! Yuck. I want SUMMER!

Debora said...

We got the rain and the high winds too - yuck - man I hate that crap. I waiting for my forest of dead trees to fall on my house! Glad everyone was safe though. :)

Chelle Sandell said...

It sounds like you guys are getting our storms. We've got them popping up again tonight right over us. So be ready.

R.I.P. "bluey". He was well loved.

Anonymous said...

Well, I do believe I've seen it all now. I can honestly say that I've NEVER known anyone who has named their grill. That's...original... :) I hope he pulls through for ya. Glad all the humans made it through without injury! :D