Monday, June 30, 2008

Got Goals?

IN THE NEWS: "A New Mexico appeals court on Friday ruled against a Los Alamos man who wanted to change his name to a phrase containing a popular four-letter obscenity.
The man appealed after a state district judge in Bernalillo County refused his request to change his name to "F--- Censorship!"

Ugh. If you want to read more, go HERE.

Well, we all survived "Cousin's Weekend". There were no real hazzards except for a few gained pounds, a few cases of sunburn (myself included), some lost sleep, and a case of laryngitis. All in all, it was a fun weekend.

Before the cousins came on Friday, I did a little work on my synopsis. A synopsis I'd written months ago but needed tweaking. So I took some of the critiques I'd gotten and really managed to CUT quite a lot. All I need to do is add a bit to the last paragraph and I think I'll be done. (Which is a relief because I absolutely HATE writing the synopsis.)

After I did a little on that work, I realized it's almost July and I had no idea if I was on target with the goals I'd made in the first of the year. I, uh, apparently, lost my goal sheet. (You can see how diligently I've been following it)

Here's what I think was on the list:

*finish manuscript and submit in spring. (hmm. close but no cigar on that one)
*outline and start new story for AR. (I did that one! Sort of.)
*read twenty five books (more than half way there!)
*read two how-to writing books (reread one so far)

Sad, but that's all I really remember. So... I'm going to add a little detail to my goal list today. Maybe make a month by month attainable goal sheet to add a lit candle under my fanny.

Oh, and keep my goal sheet in front of me so I won't lose it this time.


Chicki said...

I never thought about putting reading on my goals list. Also I think I'll add my submission goals and keep the list somewhere I can see it at all times. Thanks for giving me this reminder.

Glad you survived the cousins!

Stephanie said...

Who doesn't hate the synopsis?! But good going on the goal was to finish at least one manuscript this year. Here I am 1.5 weeks away from delivery and I've done good to even open a few of the unfinished ones I have. Oh well. There's always next year I guess. Glad to hear you had a great weekend, too!