Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to the 80's (1981)

IN THE NEWS: "A German man doused his BMW with gasoline and torched it on Friday in protest at skyrocketing fuel costs, police said." Read more HERE

I am feeling better today, so I guess I don't have meningitis. (Thanks for all the hugs and well wishes)


I'm an avid watcher of FOX Cable News every morning. Oh, and afternoon. Well, I watch it at night, too. Oh, heck, it's on practically 24/7 in my house. But anyway, they've been doing a "back to the 80's" theme this week--which has been cracking me up to say the least.

The eighties are by far my favorite decade. But I think anyone in their 30's (and 40's?) pretty much attest to this same feeling. (I don't think we know any better.) But gee, remember such groups as The Smithereens? Duran Duran? Culture Club? And one of my personal favs then... The Go-Go's? I hate men with long hair but I did sport a small crush on Jon Bonjovi then too. (He wore it well)

I experienced my very first concert in 1981: Olivia Newton John-The Physical Tour. My dad took me. (He was a big fan too) In the eighties, I wore hair bow/bands and bracelets like Madonna, thought the Duran Duran Wild Boys video was THE COOLEST VIDEO EVER MADE, and sported such a bad perm and highlight that to this day I still hold a grudge against my mom for letting me walk around looking like a giant orange poodle.

I remember in fifth grade my teacher was reading Cujo by Steven King. It sat on her desk and whenever we had free time or worked by ourselves at our desks, she'd pick it up and start reading. Finally, (having enough of her ignoring us) we begged her to read some of it to us. She did (although she cleaned some parts up). We all LOVED it. Can you imagine her reading to a bunch of ten and eleven year-olds and totally keeping our attention the whole time? I'll always remember that, since that was the first time I ever heard of Steven King.

Some of the top money making films in 1981 were Raiders of the Lost Ark, On Golden Pond, Porky's, Arthur, and Stripes. (Only, I was too young to see any of those movies) I do remember having a field trip to see Gandhi, though. So I had that going for me. (A tiny teeny bit of sarcasm there)

Are you an eighties fan? What do you remember from 1981?


MaryF said...

I AM an 80s fan! I think we got cable in 1981, and I agree that Wild Boys was an AWESOME video. I had a hair crimper, a skort, striped shirts. I played the Asia album over and over and over. I went to the flea market to get cassette tapes of my favorite bands. I had blue nail polish.

Fun topic!

Chicki said...

Jon Bon Jovi wore that long hair better than anybody else in the entire decade. That was one fine man -- and still is. I saw him on Oprah last year and he looked great.

My favorite music from the 80's was anything by Michael Jackson. I had everything on vinyl. About five years ago I bought the History CD. This year my daughter bought me "The Essential Michael Jackson" which has 38 of his biggest hits on it.

Stephanie said...

Glad you're feeling better! I don't remember much from 1981 since I only turned 1 in Oct. of that year, but I did love the 80s. The big hair, tight rolling, slap bracelets, Debbie Gibson etc. Great memories!

Chelle Sandell said...

Hope you get much better...soon!

I'm right there with ya, girl! I had the whole perm-big hair thing working. I had friends talk me into putting a pink strip on the temple strands...really stood out against the light blonde highlights! LOL! And I still get goofy with Bon Jovi.

Alice Audrey said...

If you're talking about music, I'm much more of a 60's fan. In other ways too. I have often felt I was born late.

Tanya Hanson said...

Well, I am old enough LOL to have On Golden Pond and Stripes as two of my movie favorites. And Jon Bon Jovi...sigh. He's made me happy for all these years. Sigh.

As for Michael Jackson: before he weirded out, he was the best.

Happy blogging,
~Tanya Hanson
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Bella said...

Happy you're feeling better.