Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crazy Summer

IN THE NEWS: Lynne Rice wanted a six-pack of Budweiser, and no mere car crash was going to stop her from getting it. The 74-year-old crashed her 1988 Cadillac directly into Joe's Food Mart in Norwalk, Calif., on June 29. READ MORE HERE.

Ok. In short, this week is crazy. Hence, the title.

I literally have not been home for any real length of time to get any writing done--let alone clean my poor bath tub and toilets. **sigh** I'm tired.

This past weekend was our town's annual "Night in Venice", which is one of the largest boat parades. My mom and brother came up to watch it and then watched my daughter as the hubby and I went dancing at the Yacht Club. (The band played great 80s music so I was a maniac on the dance floor!)

My mom went home today. She's been helping me oven shop in between going to the beach with us. We also have friends in town on vacation. Not only friends but friends who have a daughter my daughter absolutely loves. So we are "required" to see them almost every day. Today I'll be taking the girls to the pool for the afternoon.

Also this week, we have dinner plans with various people on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. (Jane, stop this crazy thing!) Sorry, a little Jetsons reference. But that's how I feel. I want to chill right now and I'm not able to. Summers tend to get a little hectic for us, but this is ridiculous.

On the writing front, I just found out my book, The Role of a Lifetime, will be going into print. (I wasn't sure about that so that was great news to hear!) It looks like it will be available around March 2009. My hubby was so happy for me, he told me he wants to throw a party. Isn't that sweet?

Anyhew, I hope your summer is more tame and SOMEONE is getting some real writing done. It doesn't look like I'll have a chance until Monday.


Kristen Painter said...

Just reading that makes me tired. lol Congrats on your book going into print!

Not much going on here but prepping for Nationals and dreaming about my latest crush. (See my blog for that tasty morsel.)

Chicki said...

With all the people you know and parties you attend, you should be able to get some great fodder for future stories.

I'm in the middle of revisions now, so I'm not writing either. Today I couldn't even think of anything to blog about, so I stole something! :)

We'll all get back on track soon -- I hope.


Stephanie said...

Jennifer, that's great news about your book!!!!! I'm so excited for you!

BTW, have you heard from Sadie lately?

Diane Craver said...

Congrats on your great news! That gives you 8 months to promote it being in print so that helps a lot. You need that much time to advertise it.

Back when I had my first two go to print, there was only 3 months between the ebook and print release dates.

And what a sweet hubby - he knows how to celebrate a print release!