Friday, August 15, 2008

Going to a White Out

IN THE NEWS: "Gas prices have been falling , but not that much. A problem with a pump cost a San Antonio convenience store when premium gasoline accidentally sold for 38 cents a gallon." Read more HERE.

I had some shopping to do yesterday. The hubby and I are going to a dinner on Saturday and every year there is a theme. This year is "A White Out": where you try to wear as much white as you can. You can go traditional, formal, or outrageous. It's up to you.

Well, I went out and bought white sunglasses, white jewelery, and even bought white nail polish. The problem? I had no white clothes. Eeep. I had white shorts and maybe some t-shirts. That is all. (Besides my wedding dress, that is)

So I went to three stores and FINALLY ended up with a cute white baby doll blouse and some lightweight linen Capri pants. Sheesh. Who knew shopping for that kind of stuff would be so tough?

The hubby has been all set for a while. He's a got a great outfit working.
I'll have to remember to take pictures.

I'm going to try to finish up a chapter I'm working on and then I'm painting my nails today.

Have a great weekend!


Chicki said...

Enjoy the party! I know you'll look really cute.

Kristen Painter said...

I love white clothes - that's one of the biggest sections in my closet (yes, it's color coordinated). But I also live in Florida, so white is pretty easy to wear. I hope you take pics - it sounds like a really cool event.

Diane Craver said...

Have fun and can't wait to see the pics! My daughter went to a Turtleneck theme party! She didn't have a turtleneck in her closet so had an excuse to go shopping. lol

Bella said...

I keep hearing that gas prices are dropping but here in Utah there's no change. It's still 4.04 something for regular...crazy. Last week in Idaho, it was 3 something, aargh. Have fun at the parteee!


Valerie Everhart said...

A white out party!

Ya, I'd have to buy new shoes for that, lol.

Let us know how fun it was...sounds good--show some pictures!

Stephanie said...

Ok, how funny would it have been for you to wear your wedding dress! You said you could go outrageous!