Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surfer Hubby!

IN THE NEWS: "A federal judge in Pittsburgh didn't buy a woman's defense who claimed a shopaholic disorder caused her to steal nearly $758,000 from her former employer." Read more here.

Well, the hubby said when he turned 40 he wanted to learn how to surf and now he has done just that. (And is pretty good at it too!)

He took a couple of lessons a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Today was the last one. There really wasn't any waves tonight, but the surf instructor decided to do a family day at the beach anyway and have them try to ride a few waves for us.

Here's some pictures of the hubby. (He's on the right)

He bought a used surfboard and even a wetsuit now. He's caught the "bug".
Now I'm thinking I'd like to take lessons too. You know, just to say I tried it. What the heck? It looks like fun. Maybe on my 40th--which fortunately won't be for a while. I've thought about parasailing too. Something my mother-in-law did when she was sixty. Hmm... Obviously I'm just not that adventurous.
Is there anything you've always wanted to try?


Chicki said...

I'm reading and hearing the Beach Boys' "Surfing USA" in my head.

Learning to surf at 40 is awesome!

Nadia said...

I tried surfing. Almost died. LOL. It was very hard to paddle out far enough to catch the wave.

Kristen Painter said...

I come from a family of surfers - including a brother who made and sold his own boards - but water I can't see through freaks me a little.

Parasailing was kinda "meh" for me. After the first few minutes it's just kinda boring.

Stephanie said...

Ok, I will say start with parasailing. I HATE "thrill" rides and such but parasailing was actually pretty relaxing. Nothing major at all. It would be something good to start with.

As for surfing...if you actually get in the water, you're doing great. I'm terrified of all things swimmy, so I've never really been IN the ocean.

Patricia W. said...

I did parasailing back in my 20's. I LOVED it. I was a lot bolder then so I'm not sure I'd do it now. But it was fun.

Surfing? Not so sure about that one. You don't get to close your eyes and hold on to something.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I want to at some point in my life go skydiving. I think if I was going to learn how to surf I should have done it when I was living in California.