Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things I've Been Thinking About

IN THE NEWS: "BUNOL, Spain - Spanish revelers have pelted each with 113 tons of ripe tomatoes in an annual food fight." Read more here.

Well, I had a nice visit with my mom yesterday. The only thing that kills me is the drive. It's about an hour each way--so I guess it could be worse--but it still sucks the life out of me every time I do it.

Of course, I was able to ponder quite a few things as I drove that long distance--which is always sweet. Just to be able to THINK in peace is a nice change of pace for me. But then my mind began to ramble on and then instead of having relaxing thoughts, I got anxious.

Here's a few things I couldn't let go:

Will I ever finish this manuscript I've been writing?

How will I take down the curtains in my dining room to have them dry cleaned?

What the heck am I going to blog about at the Samhain blog this weekend? Who's going to be reading it anyway on a holiday weekend?

Should I have my bedroom painted or should I get a new dishwasher?

Should I enter the Eppies?

When was the last time I cleaned out my refrigerator? There's blue cheese in there. It's been in there a while, but how will I know if it's bad or not?

Hmmm.. That last thought still is bothering me. I love blue cheese, but, come on, I'm not hard of smelling! I mean, that stuff stinks and is moldy already. So how do you know if it's gone bad?

Yeah. I don't know either, so I threw out what I had to be sure, but it still perplexes me.

What's been on your mind lately?


Chicki said...

Here are your answers:

1. YES!!!
2. Let DH do it.
3. Talk about writing on holidays. That's when people have free time to surf the Net.
4. Which one will save you the most time and energy?
5. Of course!
6. Ditch that disgusting stuff. Yuck.

Stephanie said...

Sounds intriguing...the blue cheese thing. ;oD Don't you hate it when you do that? I've done that a lot lately at 3 am with the newborn. You'll get it all figured. And if not, you'll be no worse than you are right now!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Hmmm... maybe a book on CD would take your mind off your worries. At least you got them out during the day, mine usually attack while I'm trying to fall asleep.

Lesley said...

I don't think blue cheese ever goes "bad." Personally I think it's bad from the start! :D

I think I might be too tired to have anything on my mind. LOL