Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scary Manuscript

MENTAL STATUS: "Impatient". ONE more day until school starts. Yay!!

This cartoon from reminded me of a manuscript my friend wants me to read. No, she didn't write the manuscript. Someone she knows wrote it. Apparently this nameless and faceless person who wrote this manuscript can't find a literary agent.
Or anyone to publish it.
You don't say?
I know, I'm "shocked" too. My friend read it and said she thought it grammatically bad. But this person is determined to see it published and has therefore decided to self-publish. My friend wants me to read it and see what I think.
Oh, dear.
I admit I'm a little scared to see this thing.


On a totally different topic, I cut my hair. Well, I didn't cut my hair, my trustworthy hairdresser cut it, but it looks sooooo cute. All she really did was put a lot of layers in it, but now my hair hangs around my face so nicely.

Amazing how something so simple has such a big impact... on your face.

I wish I learned how to cut hair...


Chicki said...

I'm in the middle of editing a manuscript that is so bad I've told the author there's no need for me to do line edits. Her only hope is to take a basic English composition class and then a grammar class, but how do you tell a person something like that?

The worst part is this person is a personal friend. Ugh! I hate this...

Kristen Painter said...

I'd be scared too. But be honest in your assessment - you won't do the writer any favors otherwise.

Where are pics of this new hair?

Stephanie said...

Hairdressers run in my family...unfortunately I wasn't one of them! I just got my hair cut right before Cupcake was born and I do mean cut. Like at my chin cut. It's crazy short but I absolutely love it! Isn't it so relaxing when you get a new do?!

Debora Dennis said...

I soooo need a haircut - and am in search of new hairdresser, hmmm, maybe looking like cousin "it" won't be soooo bad?

Good luck on reading that ms. I agree, be honest and I know you, you'll even manage to do it tactfully (unlike me who would probably be rude!)

Marianne Arkins said...

Hmmm... You could always say, "NO."


You're a braver, kinder soul than I.

I'm a fan of "no"... which is a good thing, considering how often I hear it.

I'm jealous of your hair -- my is frizzy, thick, curly... out of control. Diana Ross on a bad hair day. Every day.


Diane Craver said...

People keep asking me to read their stuff - some is actually very good. But I really hate to take the time because I need to do my own writing.

Glad you like your hair - it's amazing how that makes such a big difference when you get a good haircut.