Monday, October 6, 2008

Some New News

MENTAL STATUS: "Happy". Had a WONDERFUL weekend with the family, riding bikes, walking the beach, and going on amusement rides with the kiddo.

Well, I've some new news... and here it is:

**Tigger9 is the winner of my e-book The Role of a Lifetime. Tigger9 was one of the commenters on my Interviewing Authors interview.

Thanks to all those who read the interview!

**I got a ticket for the special presentation by J.R. Ward for this month's NJ RWA Put Your Heart in a Book Conference! (We'll see if I can get up early for it, though)

** And I just found out I have a roommate for the conference too! I'm so looking forward to meeting my crit partner in person. :) This year is gonna rock!

That's all for now.
It's gray outside and cold. Perfect for writing today.

Got any news to share?


Kristen Painter said...

News...nope, nothing worth mentioning.

Sounds like a fun conference, tho!

Stephanie said...

New to share...I made $100 bucks at a craft show selling hairbows...of course thats only 1/3 of what I spent making them. ;oD

Prixie said...

your weekend sounded like heaven.

i went london clubbing for the first time and well, suffered a hangover from hell on sunday...those one that make you think you will NEVER go near alcohol again.

Chicki said...


You MUST go to J.R.'s presentation because I need you to tell me every word she says. :)

Her new books comes out today, so I'll be at B&N when the doors open!