Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend This and That

IN THE NEWS: "If environmentalists get their way in Vancouver, Wash., driveway car washes may soon become illegal." Read more HERE.

I'm feeling much less sluggish today! Thanks for asking.

So let's see... where did this blog leave off? Oh, yeah! My weekend.

I saw The Bacon Brother's Band. **cue the crickets chirping**

Did you know it was Kevin Bacon and his brother--and their band? I didn't. In fact, first I thought it was a Nick Jr. band. Then I thought maybe it was just a local band. Then my mother-in-law informed me the night before that I would actually be seeing Kevin Bacon. Huh. They were performing in our town as a board of education fundraiser. They were pretty good! But no "Footloose" song. That obviously kept them from being great.

Here's a YouTube clip to give you a taste of what I saw:

Sunday I drove to my mom's because we were all celebrating my brother's birthday. (The hubby didn't come with us because he have a fever and chills) Anyhew--fast forward--we're about to sing "Happy Birthday" but my mom was still putzing around in the kitchen. (I don't know why she was because my sister in law and I washed all the dishes) Unfortunately we had already lit the candles and were slowing watching the wax drip on the cake. We called for her to come in. She still didn't. So I sighed and was about to rest my chin in my hand when my elbow knocked over my coffee cup and hot coffee spilled ALL OVER MY JEANS. This totally figured. Nothing like being burned and soggy.

I'm fine. Thanks for asking. :)

I know I said I'd talk about the books I ordered, but I have to take the kiddo to the bus stop. So, I'll leave it for tomorrow.

On the agenda today:

**Try to finish my last chapter

**Take kiddo to dentist (bleh)


Kristen Painter said...

Burned and soggy sucks. Cool about the band. I think I've heard he had a band, but you're right that the Bacon Brothers sounds like a Nick Jr. gig.

Stephanie said...

wow, murphy is paying you a visit these days...better you than me! ;oD

Diane Craver said...

Sorry about getting burned and having your jeans get soaked.

Hope you finished your last chapter today!

Debora said...

So, you really didn't know Kevin Bacon was part of the "bacon brothers band?" You crack me up. Hope you didn't get too burnt on that coffee.