Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Recap

MENTAL STATUS: "Relieved." Had a CRAZY weekend made up of Halloween, birthday parties and various other places I had to be. I need a nap.

Ah, Halloween. It's a ll a big blurr to me. But I can tell you my daughter brought home a nice bounty of candy. The biggies that were brought home? Reese's Peanut Butter cup, followed by Snickers then Baby Ruth. Very little Twix bars which I was kind of miffed about. (That's my personal favorite) What's with the Baby Ruth's, anyway? Yuck.

Anyhew, here's the kiddo.
<---------------- Not one dime was spent on this costume. I borrowed a lot, inlcuding the shoes, gloves, and leotard. My mom made the skirt.

Went to her school and saw their Halloween parade with all the classrooms. Here's one of the kindergarten teachers.------------->

I thought this kid looked cool.
Some other cool costumes.

We had a ton more kids this year at our house than last, which I love. At Trick-or-Treating time, I gave out the BIG bars for the kids in my neighborhood, along with plastic rings and game books. (If you live in my "hood" you get treated right.) All the other unknowns got Junior Mints or Reese's Cups--and a bat ring. (Because I had extra) :)
What kind of candy did you give out?


Chicki said...

They go all out. Some great costumes. I wonder how much that kid's parents spent on the astronaut gear ...

Kiddo looks like she's getting tall.

Kristen Painter said...

Junior mints? I would have camped at your door.

We didn't give out any candy, but we did go for a walk and see the costumes. Nothing really impressed me, tho.

Chelle Sandell said...

LOL...I said the same thing on PC about baby girl getting tall!!

We don't have T-O-T's where we live so I usually make goody bags for friends and family kiddos and they come by so we can see everyone. We didn't do much this year for kiddo. They had a carnival at school.

Stephanie said...

We didn't get to do either...give out candy or go trick or treating....but the kids had fun! I loooooove reese's!

Diane Craver said...

Your daughter looks so cute in her costume. Wow - you did great with your treats. I bought reese's peanut butter cups and big snickers but no one came. We live in a rural area and closest neighbors are too old to go out on Halloween.

Bethanne said...

OMG, i wish I went to that school!