Friday, November 14, 2008

Strange but True

IN THE NEWS: "It’s widely believed that no two snowflakes are alike — but it turns out that there are various forms of snowflakes, making the tale a bit more complicated." Read more HERE.

Well, on the writing front, I won't do any writing today. HA! But I do plan on "planning" to write... on Monday, that is. I found a few crit partners interested in doing a little writing sprint next week with me. You know, before the holidays sweep in and my writing time becomes null and void.

Also, my e-book The Role of a Lifetime is one of the free book giveways The Romance Studio is hosting today. Click here and then Book-a-day-Giveway and sign up. (You don't have to win my book. There are plenty of other great books available! )


On the home front, I'm a little concerned about my daughter. I actually had an argument with her the other day. Over spinach. Not surprised? Well, guess again. This is strange but true. (Honestly, I can't make this kind of stuff up):

Kiddo: "Mommy, I'm starving!"
Me: "Starving? You just had dinner."
Kiddo: "I don't care. I'm starving. What do you have?"
Me (annoyed and looking in the refrigerator) "How about spinach?"
Kiddo: "Okay."
Me (more annoyed because I have to cook again): "I'm not making you spinach."
Kiddo (frowning, hand on the hip and everything): "Well, why did you offer it then?"

To be honest, I don't know why I offered spinach. Maybe because I didn't think she was really hungry and maybe because the first thing I saw was my raw container of spinach (I use for my smoothies). But the fact that we argued because she really wanted spinach threw me. I just wanted her to have something easy. Like a yogurt.
Who has these fights with their 6 year old?

Um, it gets worse.

I made meatloaf last night with green beans. I took one bite of the green beans and had to spit them out. They tasted weird, kind of sour. They weren't all that "green" either. So I immediately told the hubby and kiddo not to eat the green beans and started scooping them off their plates.
Well, don't you know my kiddo starts crying. YES!!! Crying like a baby. So I asked her, "What's the matter?"
She answers with a mouth full of string beans that she likes them and doesn't want me taking them away.


Wouldn't you be concerned?


Prixie said...

A child who loves she is not an alien posing as your daughter?! lol....

Chicki said...

Good for her! My grandkids love veggies too. Broccoli and spinach are their favorites. That's one problem you and my daughter doesn't have to worry about.

Have a great weekend!

Sarita Leone said...

That's incredible! I still won't eat green beans, LOL.

Hope you have a great Friday!

Kristen Painter said...

She just sounds like a typical 6-year-old female to me. Our niece is 6 and she a total drama queen. Crying over green beans would be right up her alley.

Anonymous said...

I just had this with french fries - they tasted weird and I tossed them out. (Of course, french fries being a food group in my house, you can imagine the uproar!)

Bethanne said...

oh yeah. I do that all the time. don't want to get up from the computer? offer them an apple or carrots. All of sudden they aren't interested so much in food. LOL

Doesn't always work, though.

Patricia W. said...

Not really. But only because I too have a six year old. A boy. And he has jumped light years in developing his own personality/independence in recent months.

I keep looking at him askance to figure out where some of this stuff is coming from. Public school? Sheesh.

Chiron said...

What a hoot!

My favorite: "Well, why did you offer it then?"


Still laughing,

CD Yates said...

Let the kid eat her veggies. What a mean mommy you are. ;)