Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Chill

IN THE NEWS: Set up the pins, clear the lanes and try not to roll a gutter bird.
Cincinnati is warming up for Thanksgiving with its traditional Turkey Bowl, an annual outdoor event using frozen turkeys in place of bowling balls. Read more

On the writing front, I got a postcard back from a publisher saying they got my manuscript. It had a hand written thank you on it with two exclamation points and a happy face was made out of those exclamation points.

I laughed when I saw it. Somebody was in a good mood.

On the home front today, I plan to get my turkey. (Um, yeah. I haven't gotten one yet)

Is that bad?

I've never waited this late. Usually I'm taking it out of the freezer to defrost by now. But I'm thinking there will still be plenty left. Right?


Anyhew, the hubby and I rented Made of Honor this weekend. The movie was really cute--and it had Patrick Dempsey in it. BONUS! (Three thumbs up because of that!)

Gosh, we haven't rented a movie since... I think the Simpson's Movie. I think. Whatever. It's been a while regardless. But it was kind of nice. Chillin' with the hubby. Watching a romantic comedy. Eating brownies out of the pan. I love weekends like that. We should do that more often.

What was the last movie you rented?


Chicki said...

Nice weekend. Have you rented "Sweet Home Alabama?" PD is in that one also.

I think the last movie we rented was "Nim's Island" for my granddaughter. The last one we bought was "Ironman."

Sarita Leone said...

I don't even remember what the last rented movie was. But last week we bought the last Indy Jones. :)

Patricia W. said...

Don't feel badly. Haven't gotten my turkey yet either. Never done it this late before so I've got my fingers crossed. Don't know how I'll explain it to the boys if I somehow can't find one.

MaryF said...

You must see Wall-E! I'm looking forward to Hancock tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

Uh, yeah. We still don't have a turkey, either. Oopsie. Oh well, since you're bucking tradition, maybe you can do something in place of turkey if you can't find one. ;oD

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

The last movie we rented was the new Indiana Jones. My poor husband - he is a huge Indy fan (the theme song is his cellphone ring tone) and he was really disappointed in the movie. I actually thought it was pretty entertaining though!

Good luck on getting that last minute turkey!

Kristen Painter said...

I loved Made of Honor!