Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookie Decisions

MENTAL STATUS: "Happy". Christmas cards actually came out... pretty good. And more importantly, they're done and going out in the mail today. (Woo-hoo!)

I was invited to go to a cookie swap this week. Thus, I said "Sure!".

Then I was told to make 14 dozen of one kind of cookie.

**cough cough**

Anyhew, I'm having trouble deciding what kind of cookie to make. (Yeah, I know more sweating the small stuff) But in my defense, I'm not really sweating this decision.

I went to a cookie swap a few years ago and came back disappointed. One, because I came back with so little cookies. (But I think I only made a few dozen) And two, I was disappointed because I didn't come back with any "Christmas" kind of cookies. I ended up baking cookies AFTER the swap, which kind of took the whole point out of the swap.

So... I want to make a Christmas type of cookie, but I also want to avoid repeating what other woman are making. All I know so far is someone is making a biscotti.

I have narrowed down my choices to these:

** Caramel pecan cookies (they have a butter cookie bottom and a caramel pecan top, almost like mini triangular pecan pies)

**Walnut snowballs (you know, those little round cookies dusted in powdered sugar)

**Spritz cookies (those cookie press cookies with candied cherries in the middle)

What do you think I should make?

What kind of cookie do you think of at Christmas?


Chicki said...

Christmas always makes me think of old fashioned sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Last year the grandkids and I did the cookie thing. I have to check with them about this year. Their desires change so often ...

Stephanie said...

Or maybe everyone is thinking along these lines and no one does sugar or chocolate chip, :oD

What about lemon bars? Or rice crispy treats? Actually those pecan cookies sound really good!

Virginia Lady said...

I vote for the kind that you can make 14 dozen of without swearing off baking forever afterwards.

Wow. I bake and I can't even fathom making 14 dozen of a cookie.

Alice Audrey said...

You mean there is such a thing as a non-Christmas cookie? Parrish the thought! I even use chocolate chip cookies for Christmas, though gingerbread men and rum balls top my list.

Renee said...

I don't make cookies really, not unless they are monster cookies. Since I can no longer eat wheat, most cookies are out. But, I do love to make peanut clusters (so easy) and haystacks (easier).

Good luck in your decision and have fun!


Anonymous said...

@_@ Holy Mother of God. 14 Dozen?! 168 cookies? *faints*

Wow. Good luck with that.

But on the choice of cookies, I'm torn between the caramel pecan and spritz cookies. Mmm...I think I'm leaning more for the spritz cookies...prolly because I like cherries!

Kristen Painter said...

Make the easiest one. Seriously. That's a lot of cookies.