Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Finked

MENTAL STATUS: "Tired/Relieved/Happy". Wrapping is finally done and I can now kick back and just bake some cookies and have a little fun with the kiddo.

One of my shopping excursions yesterday was to PetSmart. I was supposed to buy a hamster--and all the paraphernalia that goes with it--as one of the kiddo's Christmas presents. But as I looked into the beady eyes of every single one of the hairy little critters, I just couldn't do it. I finked out.

I know--bad Mommy. The poor kid needs a pet and since my allergies prevent her from getting a cat and limit the choices of dogs, the hubby and I thought a hamster might be nice for her.

I think part of my finking out probably had to do with the fact that the hamsters are sold right next to the RATS. Not a smart marketing choice by PetSmart, I must say.

Anyhew, I told the hubby I would consider going as a family back to the pet store AFTER Christmas and perhaps--perhaps--getting one or maybe a guinea pig. Whatever one smells the least.

Have you ever owned a rat--er, exotic animal?


Chicki said...

Jennifer, I am SO feeling you right now. Do I have a hamster story for you! Back in the day when my sister and I shared a bedroom, she got a hamster (appropriately named Hammy) and kept him in a cage in our room.

As you know I hate animals and always have, but our parents said there was no other place to keep the creature.

One morning I woke up, opened my eyes and that little hell rat was sitting on my pillow looking me in the face! Well, to say everyone in our neighborhood probably heard me screaming wouldn't be an exxageration. I practically to up that room trying to get out of the bed and into the hall!

To this day we don't know how Hammy got out of his cage. I refused to sleep in there, and my parents had to find another location for that nasty little thing.

Bribe the kiddo with something shiny, electric and inanimate instead.

Kristen Painter said...

Why not get fish then? Or a parakeet?

Honestly, hamsters are nothing to be afraid of. Especially the fluffy teddy bear ones. If you get them young and they get used to you, they can really be sweet, cuddly things.

Alice Audrey said...

Personally, I like gerbils. :)

Merry Christmas!

Nadia said...

Hamsters are very sweet. Get Campbell or Winter White dwarf hamsters because they're smaller and much cuter. I've never had hamsters escape their cages. I think you have to be careful and make sure to get something with very narrow wiring, etc.

Go to for some information. :)

Marianne Arkins said...


Just saying... I've had two and would have more but DH has a thing about rodents in general (which, had I known, I may not have married him, lol).

Rats are smart (mine were trained to come when I called, had the run of the house -- and I had three cats -- were litter box trained, and knew several tricks), they are affectionate and bond to their owners like crazy, they are clean and I've never, ever had a rat bite. I've been bitten by hamsters, gerbils (many times... I do not like gerbils) and mice. Mice are especially flighty and are poor pets.

Rats, though? Seriously... Best. Pet. Ever.

Just don't tell my dog.