Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 12 days of Ebooks

Hi, all!

In honor of so many people getting NOOKS, Kindles, and IPads for Christmas, my writers' forum is doing a series of posts (for the next 12 Days) on ereaders and epublishing as well highlighting a few ebook recommendations--just in time for Christmas downloading!

Are you hoping for an ereader this Christmas but are still not sure which one you want?

Do you have one currently but need some ebook suggestions?

Are you still wondering what an ebook is?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you need to come join us for the fun and discussion!

Where is The 12 Days of Ebooks being hosted?

Well, right HERE at the Passionate Critters blog!
Stop by today and see Lucy Monroe's Youtube video on "Why Ebooks".

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Stephanie Faris said...

eBooks are too darn expensive. That's what bugs me about them. I have Kindle for iPhone and love reading books on there but as many books as I read, I have to get them from the library. I downloaded a couple of books -- one was $12 and the other was $8 -- before going back to just getting them from the library or used on Amazon.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Girl, what books are you buying? LOL No, sometimes that's true.


I just bought Decision Points for my brother for $20. I could have bought it for HALF on Kindle--plus he wouldn't have this bulky hardcover book on his shelf.
And I wanted to buy Boby Mayer and Kristen Lamb's book it was $14.99. But I bought it for HALF on kindle.
Plsu, not to mention I have access to cheap cheap small publisher books that are only available on ebook.

I love having the ability to buy cheaper on ebooks if it is. :)

Vicki Rocho said...

Should be a great series.

I have Kindle for PC at the moment...kinda holding off to see which ereader wins the ereader wars before making the big purchase. I love the classics and almost all of those are FREE!

Bossy Betty said...

I have an old Kindle but never use it. I may be an e-book flunkie!

Joanne said...

Sounds like a great series. I'm leaning toward the Kindle, for a couple of reasons. I like the idea of a dedicated reader, and they have the largest inventory of ebooks available.

Rula Sinara said...

I definitely have to check out the post. I haven't decided on one yet. I've gotten as far as downloading one or two books on my laptop and that's it.

Talli Roland said...

Great idea to do this, Jennifer! I love ebooks - there's such a great variety available for very reasonable prices (although I agree, in some cases prices need to be sorted out!).

Susan Fields said...

Great idea for a pre-Christmas series! I haven't tried ebooks yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

blueviolet said...

That sounds so helpful. I'm totally confused about the different ereaders out there!

notesfromnadir said...

Brilliant idea!

MT said...

I haven't taken the plunge yet, but it's at the back of my mind - especially after trying an iPad at the Mac store in the mall last week. Cool.

Tere Kirkland said...

Love my nook. I have a huge e-wishlist, but sometimes the books I really want to read aren't available in e-form.

What I really like about my nook is the ability to download fairly long samples before I buy.