Monday, November 21, 2011

Kicking Off the Holidays (Literally)

Happy Monday!
Guess where I was yesterday? Ok, I'll tell you.
New York City!
I dragged--er, convinced my hubby to take me and the kiddo up to NYC to see the Rockettes Christmas Show! The first time for all of us.
It was really great time--but perhaps a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit, considering it was a balmy 65 degrees out and not even Thanksgiving yet.
But fun nonetheless!

Hubby was a little reluctant to go and kept asking me if the show was just going to be the Rockettes kicking in a line together the whole time.

I assured him that wasn't the case--but, uh, lo and behold it really did comprise most of the show. So every time they they started kicking, I'd look over at him and bust out laughing--TEARS, actually, flowing down my face.
I probably got more entertainment out of that than the show.
But I'd still recommend it! And this year they added a 3D segment to the show.

Afterwards, we hit the American Girl Doll store, grabbed some dinner, and managed to make it home at a reasonable hour. Piece of cake.

The tree was up but not decorated yet at Rockefeller center. I was really hoping to get a picture in front of it for our Christmas cards this year. Dang it. I'll have to come up with a plan B.
I'm off to the dentist this morning then aiming to finish edits this week. I hope to FINALLY submit my new book to my editor before Dec. 1st. Woo-hoo!
Do anything fun this past weekend?
Ever see a Rockettes show?


~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

How fun! I'd love to see the Rockettes at Christmas-time. And I just love midtown Manhattan. Always so much energy down there!

Have a great Thanksgiving week!

Prixie said...

Ooh NY! It is one of my dreams to go there for Christmas.

Katie Ganshert said...

How fun!!

I saw my cover art this weekend! That was fun!

Donna K. Weaver said...

And he didn't complain when almost all they did was kick?

You've got a good sport there.

Old Kitty said...

LOL!!! Glad you had a great time!!

Good luck with your edits and fingers crossed for the dental visit *shudder*. sorry but visits to dentists - *shudder*.

Take care

Linda G. said...

LOL! Now, that sounds like a very good time! :)

Susan R. Mills said...

Sounds like fun. Oh, and the dentist? Yuck! Good luck there, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Carol Kilgore said...

How fun! I saw a Rockettes show many years ago, but it wasn't a Christmas show. I did a little Christmas shopping over the weekend - wearing shorts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda Kage said...

The hubby sounds like a good sport. A Rockette's show PLUS American Girl dolls. My husband wouldn't have agreed to that in a million years.

Bet it was a kicking good time thought!

Tamika Eason said...

Love the cheery uniform! I'm a former drill team girl- so I will always appreciate a good kick routine:)

My weekend: warm and relaxing.

Ayda Recknagel said...

Sounds like you at least made a funny holiday memory this weekend. Your husband is a good sport. Good luck with those edits.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful trip. How great that you saw the American Girl store with your daughter. I always wanted to do that when my Dawn was younger.

I did see a Rockette's show on one of my early trips to NYC. We saw a movie called The Yellow Rolls Royce and the Rockettes were a small part. I actually would have liked more of that and it wasn't the Christmas show. I know that's the good one. Great memories for your family.

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Sounds fun! I've always been curious about those Rockette's shows. Just spending time with family this week! Hope everything goes okay at the dentists ;)

Ann Best said...

Glad you had such a wonderful trip.

I once dreamed of working in a NYC publishing house. This was way back in the 1950s. Never did, but like you I finally New York, once, with a friend when I was living in Connecticut. Saw a broadway play, Forty Carats, the store front of Tiffany's, went to Brentano's and F.A.O. Schwartz toy store, ate at a Greek restaurant, movie in the evening. It was my once in a lifetime, and I loved it.

Great memories I have of that day, and you'll have them too. And keep going on those edits!
Ann Best, Memoir Author

Shelley Munro said...

That sounds like lots of fun, Jennifer, although I think it's way too early for Christmas. I don't do Christmas until 1 Dec :-)

Good luck with your new book sub. The dentist? Rather you than me!

Sarah Forgrave said...

What a fun experience, Jennifer! And you wouldn't remember it nearly as well without all that laughter, right? :)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

So, y'all got a real kick out of the show, huh? (Sorry.) Sounds like fun. Especially since you were able to laugh over the shared inside joke. That's the sort of thing that really gives a memory legs. (Sorry. I'll shut up now.)

Sarah Pearson said...

I've got some repair work at the dentist this week. Not looking forward to it!

Karen Lange said...

I saw the Rockettes years ago; it was great fun. Glad you had a good time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

LOL! I had to laugh at your exchange with your husband. How cute! No, I've never been to a Rockette's show but it sounds like fun.

Good luck getting your edits finished up!


Jessica Nelson said...

What a cool trip!

Amish Stories said...

I'm visiting new blogs today for the first time, so i also thought id wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers. And i hope that the day is spent generating positive memories for years to come. Richard from Amish Stories.

Southpaw said...

A trip to NYC is just fun! I can just see you honey watching the show followed by the American Girl Store!

Stacy Henrie said...

What a fun thing to do - not the dentist part. :) Good luck with your edits and Happy Thanksgiving!

TheBookGirl said...

The last time we saw the Radio City Christmas Show, my then-boyfriend, now husband, had to leave the show early because of severe heartburn -- the next day he ended up in the hospital and was told he had to have his gall bladder out!

We haven't been back to see the show since, lol.

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