Monday, January 9, 2012

Another NEW Year and Another NEW Goal!

Hi, all! Long time no see, er, read.

Yes, I'm alive and well. Well...sort of well.

We went skiing over Christmas break and I kind of, um, landed on a fence. OK, I landed in the fence.
It all happened so fast, who's to say, really, but just know that in the end I jammed my leg and have been hobbling ever since.

But I'm better. Again, sort of.

Anyhew, it's nice to be back. I'm all energized and ready to start planning my year now.
Last year, one of my goals was to complete the P90x workout regime. DONE.

The hubby is really inspiring me for 2012. He's already started P90x2!!
Yes, he's insane.
Personally, a person has to know his/her limitations, and for me, P90x2 is it.

One of my goals this year is to repeat the old P90x because I did get in great shape and felt good too. I'm hoping to "bring it" even more.

The hubby has also bought himself a... guitar for Christmas and has downloaded lessons on our IPad. He's teaching himself to play and already has a jamming version of "Mary had a Little Lamb"going. His ultimate "goal" is to learn how to play Eric Clapton's "Promises"--long story--by the end of the year.

You gotta love his enthusiasm. :-)

Thus, here are a few of my own GOALS for the upcoming year:

1) Kick the caffeine habit.  *gasp* I know it's drastic, but I feel that my coffee consumption is up and I hate the dependency on it. So I went to my local organic health food store and bought some TEECCINO--which is an organic herbal coffee that is caffeine free. I'm mixing it with my coffee when I brew a pot in the morning. It's quite tasty. Over a few weeks, you're supposed to add more Teeccino and less coffee until your caffeine free. We'll see how it goes.

2) Write less daily but more regularly.
Sounds weird, huh?
Well, I was reading "See Jane Write" and in it, one of the authors mentioned a tip she had learned, and that was to set a small writing goal every day--even if it's just a page or two. 500 words a day can bring you to a completed first draft novel in 6 months.

The idea is that if you wake up every day and think, "I have a whole book to write"--it can be overwhelming and cause you to put off doing.
But if you wake up and say, "I have two pages to write", it's much more manageable in your mind.

3) Learn Dragon and Effectively Use it.
The Dragon software was a Christmas gift from the hubby. Still trying to train it, but I'm hoping it makes some of my computer tasks run more smoothly by the end.

And that's it for me. Kind of simple this year.
What about you? Are you keeping it simple too or are your goals for this year more lofty and aggressive?
Also, what was your favorite Christmas gift?
(Mine was my Ugg clogs and the Dragon software)


Em-Musing said...

My goals this year is to work damn hard on my getting my spiritual writer retreat built. I'm living here in Mexico now doing just that and loving it. I am also pushing real hard on the remainder of the agents I didn't query last year. I have faith that an agent will find my manuscript for IS IT NOW YET? something that excites her. Hope your leg is better

Sarah said...

My writing goal this year is to complete 4 manuscripts. We'll see if I can do it! Good luck with your goals--I really want to hear about how Dragon works for you!

Prixie said...

Happy 2012 to you Jennifer.

My small goal, that I started last year, is to write at least one short story a month. With work being so busy, I barely have time so I thought that was a realistic approach. I have written one so far!

G'luck with your goals.

Sarita said...

I hope your leg feels better! Ouch!

My goals? Very humble. Just want to find joy and contentment--and peace!--in every day. I plan on writing, laughing and just staying on my feet. Taking it all as it comes, being thankful for every blessing and just trying my best to make the space I inhabit better by my presence.

See? Humble.

Wishing you a wonderful new year. One without fences to annoy you!

Jessica R. Patch said...

What? No pictures of you skiing into the fence? Shame. ;) Glad to know you're doing better.

All your goals sound attainable and I'll be cheering you on. This year I went with one word. Strength. However, that does not mean P90x2.

Glad you're back. You've been missed!

Joanne said...

Sorry to hear about your ski mishap, an hope you're feeling better soon.

My writing goals this year are to keep at it, to grow and learn and take my work to new places.

Happy New Year to you :)

Lynn said...

Ugg's are incredibly comfortable! I have a word for the year: Focus. My goal is to focus on what I set out to do everyday, and not get side-tracked into procrastination activies.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Landing in a fence, you see, this is why I love you!

How do you feel about tea instead of coffee?

~ Wendy

Karen Walker said...

Hi Jennifer,
glad you didn't break anything - hope it feels better soon. I'm doing the same thing with my writing - my goal is 10 minutes minimum a day - and it seems to be working. Good luck with the caffeine addiction.

Susan R. Mills said...

Sorry about your leg! Hope you had fun despite the little accident. I love your writing goal. It does seem a little more manageable. Maybe I'll try something similar.

Kristin Rae said...

Is dragon sort of like Scrivener? I've heard of it, but haven't looked into it since I used Scrivener already. And that's a great idea to break writing goals into smaller dailies. Much less overwhelming!

GO YOU doing P90X!! That's intense!! I started Turbo Fire December 5th, but restarted it January 2 because the holidays threw me too far off schedule. I LOVE it!
And good luck kicking your caffeine habit! Thankfully, I don't really have a taste for anything caffeinated (except chocolate...), but I have witnessed how difficult it is to lose that dependency. You can do it! I drink Shakeology (which I KNOW you've heard of since you do P90X) and it has like 100% daily value of B12 which could help you w your energy problem :)

My Songbook said...

My goals are pretty aggressive this year- but I am excited and I feel hopeful! Good luck on learning Dragon. I hate learning new software- but it is usually worth it!

Old Kitty said...

P90x sounds like an instrument of torture! Yikes! LOL!!

But seriously!! Oh dear - I'm sorry you're hurt!! I hope you are now recuperating and taking things easy!!

I say GOOD LUCK with your wonderful goals - the caffeine one being such a biggie - I can't live without my caffeine so am in total AWE at your decision to stop!! Yay for you! Take care

Stephen Tremp said...

Hi Jennifer, first time visitor. Great to meet you! I know i need to learn Dragon. But for now, I'll pay someone to help me. But its on my To Do List. Have a great week!

Ayda Recknagel said...

Congrats on completing P90X. I think I'd paralyze myself if I tried. I don't make resolutions, but I have been working a whole lot harder at sitting down every day to write. So far, so good. :)

Nancy said...

Wow are you ready for the New Year or what? Great goals. I have given up sugar again. I have already lost one or two pounds. Mostly, I want to add grace to me year, every day.

My favorite gift was an ultrasound in a picture frame that "talked." It informed me that I would have a new grandchild in July. I did get lots of lovely gifts besides that.

Carolyn V said...

Awesome goals! And hey, I just started P90X. (My abs are killing me!)

I hope your jammed leg is doing much better. Happy New Year!

Rula Sinara said...

Sorry about your jammed leg! I'm planning to try out Scrivener this year.

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Uh oh, skiing can be a bad idea, I've heard. That's why I won't try it, even though I live in Colorado and all the ski resorts are within an hour from me :) I'm totally with you on number two. I do really well at writing a lot in one day but I'd rather get more of a routine and write more regularly than trying to boost my word count by holding a long writing session once or twice a week.

Karen Lange said...

Good goals! Keeping it simple here, reviewing where my time is spent and looking to get a grip on wasted time. Hope your leg is feeling better!

Terri Tiffany said...

Missed you! I went skiing once in my life and hit that fence a few times--hope you are all healed soon!
No real resolutions--just to not worry so much and go with life.

LynNerdKelley said...

Hi Jennifer. Wow, I'm so glad you're recovering from that accident. Ouch! I've never heard of P90x2, but it sounds grueling just by its name! I hope you meet all your goals this year. They all sound doable!

Jill Kemerer said...

I hope your leg is better. There's nothing worse than being in pain. You have some great goals, too!

Sarah Forgrave said...

Great goals, Jennifer! I officially weaned myself off caffeine last week, and I don't miss it. Well, I do miss the taste of coffee, but I may sneak in some decaf once in a while. :)

Hope your leg gets better soon!

Carol Kilgore said...

Keep us posted on how Dragon works for you. Elizabeth S. Craig also has been working with it for a couple of weeks.

Good luck with no caffeine. And take care of your leg.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

At least you managed to hurt your leg by doing something glamorous and romantic like skiing. I broke my toe by walking into a wooden sofa leg. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Good luck with your goals. Maybe this'll be the year I finally stop fiddling with my long-suffering WIP and start work on the other books seeking release from my head.

Anne Gallagher said...

Happy New Year. And Thanks for the great review on THE LADY'S FATE. I really appreciate it.

As for goals this year, keeping my head above water is pretty much it.

Best Christmas present...a fantastic crit on a book I wrote last year. Finishing and then publishing A HUSBAND FOR MISS TRENT on New Year's Day. Oh and my gel pens. Love those gel pens.

Southpaw said...

Oh, ouch!

Speaking of caffeine, I could use some right now.

Sandra Cox said...

I am so sorry to hear about the skiing accident. Ouch.
Good luck to hubby with the guitar and to you with the writing goals.
All the best in the New Year.

Diane said...

Great goals. I like the second of writing a little every day is better than nothing or too much crap. Hugs and missed you! :O)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

My daughter told me that P90X works really great. She said it's brutal though. I'm so glad you didn't break anything with your fence visit! Goodness!

Walt Mussell said...

Kicking caffeine? I can't imagine that.

Susanne Drazic said...

Best wishes with kicking the caffeine habit. I've heard of Tecchino, but have never tried it. Does it have a kind of nutty taste?

My favorite Christmas gift(s) I got was some money from my son (for a future online writing course) and a desk from my husband (so I have somewhere specific to sit at to do all my writing).

Margo Kelly said...

HEY there! I referenced you on my blog today. :) Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

Jules said...

Jammin' version as in Stevie Ray's version of Mary had a little lamb?! :)

#1. No way, I love my coffee.
#2. Makes sense to me.
#3. I keep hearing about this Dragon and every time I think of Pete. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Robyn Campbell said...

Yikes! I am so glad you're okay. I think I'll stick to riding my horses. It's much safer. Sorta. Unless they're kicking, biting, or have a mind to throw me. :-)

I got a fantastic camera. Woohoo. Now people around here run when I step into a room. They have had their pictures taken way too much. Ha!

Dddid you say kick caffeine?? *stares at Jennifer*

Write less daily but more regularly. Sounds great! My new mantra. Providing I find our mojo. *sob*

Linda G. said...

Ouch on the leg! Though I suppose landing in a fence IS and effective -- if painful -- way to stop when you're on skis.

Good luck kicking the caffeine! :)

Linda Kage said...

Oh, that poor fence...I mean, poor you! Get better soon. I can't even imagine how scary it must've felt knowing where you were going to land. Yikes.

Sounds like some great goals for 2012 though.

TheBookGirl said...

I think I would be tempted to rest on my laurels if I had completed PX90, lol. Good for you that you are going to do it again!

I don't drink coffee (though I consume tea by the gallon), but there is a drink that a favorite vegan restaurant serves that is a grain cappucino and it is just delicious. I'm wondering if that is similar to the Teeccino you are using?

LTM said...

oh, man! Sorry you fell on the fence. :p Hope you're all better now! As for me, I'm trying to shake it up this year. Do things differently. We'll see how that goes. But your goals sound great. A little every day... that's that saying, a little at a time. No... every little bit helps. Nope, that's not the one. What am I thinking of?--LOL! :D Good luck w/your writing! <3